In every travel destination, food is an inevitable ingredient of impressions.  Coron, Palawan is no exception.  But unlike other tourist destinations in the country where local delicacies and "specialized" cuisine is served on restaurants aligned, this province has no specific cuisine to boast for.  What is remarkable are the fresh seafoods and home-cooked culinary set at the dining table.

Our all-time favorite dining area while at Coron is the Lolo Nonoy's Food Station.  We had our dinner for two (2) consecutive nights at the said restaurant.

Comfort food I should say is the main description of what the restaurant serves.  The ambiance is an added factor for a homey dining experience.

The restaurant is situated at the main thoroughfares of the Coron town proper, thus, no wanderer or traveler shall be lost when locating the place.

The second night was cold and rain eventually fall. The same scene was experienced the following day. Since, it was a whole day of an island hopping adventure, everyone deserves a treat for dinner after being weary and exhausted for the whole day activity.  

As we enter the mini-compound of the restaurant, bamboo-made cottages are lined up for every visitor to take refuge at and dine.  It was like dining at cottages on beach front as the cool breeze paints the atmosphere.

The interiors of the compound is so minimal and indeed provides a relaxing ambiance with a few creative and recycled art masterpieces serving as decors and ornaments.

While quality of service may still be improved, the restaurant needs to employ more to attend to the increasing number of visitors Coron has and their restaurant specifically.

As observed, since Coron is quite a known destination for foreigners, it is surprising that only a few of them made their presence at the restaurant during that day.  Almost all were locals and Filipino cuisine is being served.

For those who are in a hurry to eat, a carenderia is likewise available where cooked dishes are on display and it shall be served immediately.

And these are the remarkable dishes served to us for our two consecutive nights dinner at the said restaurant.

Lechon Kawali (Pan Roasted Pork Belly)

Gambas (shrimp in garlic)

Sinigang Tuna Belly

Crispy Pata

It was indeed a good place to call it a night.  At a very affordable and reasonable price sans the delicious cuisine sufficient to feed our appetite, dining at Lolo Nonoy's is highly recommended for visitors of Coron, Palawan.

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  1. During my last visit of Lolo Nonoy's Food Station I came to know that there are a lot of restaurants to choose from: budget friendly, fine dining, American, Japanese, Italian, fast food, or carinderia. For travelers with a limited budget, this place should be on your list. It’s always on the top of my list during travel because it’s over all clean. I’ll visit there again after my hop on hop off dc tours.