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Unless otherwise stated, words and photographs on this travel blog belongs to me. The site started as a travel journal with only my friends as the readers.  I am not a creative writer nor a professional travel blogger but as time passes, the increased readership and traffic audience in this site has inspired me to continue to live on, travel and share despite the adversities of my life.  

Indeed, unexpected recognitions come when one does what he wants passionately. It is certainly a pleasure and an honor to be featured on the latest issue of Espejo Magazine, one of the known and widely circulated magazines in Eastern Visayas.

This is my first to be featured in a magazine as a travel blogger and which to some proves to be a revelation of the other kind of life I have, apart from my profession.  

I had a court hearing one fine day when I received a message from Ms. Coke Young-Go of Tastes Like Coke, one of the lifestyle editors of Espejo Magazine informing me that the latest edition is out where I am the featured blogger. There was a feeling of excitement as this would be the first feature for my persona as Lakwatserong Tsinelas.

While I had been an occasional writer/contributor for the Businessworld on a subject matter which is related to my profession, this magazine proves to be special to me as it does not only touches a subject matter which I do like best - travelling- it is also a product of hard work and innovative skills of my fellow Waraynons. 

I never had a copy of the articles I had with Businessworld, only photos posted in Facebook serves as my souvenir copy.  I hope any one out there compiled it for me (feeling! haha)  Thus, I knew that once I am given a copy of the Espejo magazine, it shall be well-kept.

one of my published articles at the Businessworld - photo grabbed from Facebook

As soon as I received a package from Tacloban City, containing the magazine, I immediately searched for the article to read for myself on what was written about me. I am indeed grateful to the editors of the magazine for the kind words and appreciation.

Hoping that this would not be the last feature of me as a travel blogger in a magazine, rather the first of many magazines to come (keeping fingers crossed), I am truly grateful to Espejo Magazine editors and management for the feature.

With the same vision and goal as Espejo Magazine, I do intend to promote my home province, Eastern Visayas, to be one of the top tourist destinations of the country.

I don't have the luxury of time to be able to write more travel stories and so much more to travel, but in my capacity and as time permits i shall continue the quest.  Again, thank you!

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