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As the waves crash violently on the rock formations at the nearby shores, there is the feeling of uncertainty, of being unsafe and inconvenient while at the beach.  This is the initial reaction of one who lingers on what is being fed to the senses at the onset.

It was the third day of our Coron adventure and the rain fell so hard that there were hesitations of pushing through with the island hopping adventure, more so that our next destination would take a travel time of about an hour and a half from the port of Coron. 

Entrusting our lives with our boatman, we did continue the journey towards Malcapuya Island.

On board our outrigger boat, the biggest waves was a major instrument on the literally roller-coaster ride towards the other side of Coron.  Another ingredient of the adventure on the seas was the heavy rain pouring generously as if imparting the message of "no pain no gain".

Indeed, after that roller-coaster ride we arrived safe at our next destination at awe with the natural beauty of the island.  The cliche' statement that "there's a rainbow always after the rain." is indeed true for us, as the skies began to temporarily clear as soon as we docked at the island.

this bird stayed at our outrigger boat as soon as we docked welcoming us on our visit to the island
Malcapuya Island is indeed a paradise.  Along the strip of the beach lies a powdery white sand with a few coconut trees aligned to add to the refreshing vibe of the island.

Indeed a complete contrast of colors so vivid and pleasing to the eyes that I could imagine a painting of a beach landscape coming into life is what the island has to offer.

Never mind the crashing of the waves towards the rock formations on the corners of the strip of the island and the high decibel of waves produced, but the fine white sand was already a treat and enough to invite anyone to take a dip into the clear and turquoise blue waters of Malacapuya Island.

Despite the relatively gloomy weather, we ride with the waves and swim on the crystal clear waters of the island.  It was so refreshing.  If only time permits, then we should have stayed at the island for a long period of time.

We had our lunch at the beach and the sumptuous set of dish was prepared by our boatman turned chef.   Another feast of seafoods as expected.

After our lunch came relaxation and wandering time without regard to the weather situation.

Then, at an instant everyone leaves the island.  For safety reasons, we did not push through with the Banana Island adventure.  Thus, we only stayed at Malcapuya Island for the day and that was good decision indeed.

While my friends were busy doing pictorials on the other side of the beach and the other one dreaming, I opted to climb a small hill that would give me a picturesque birds eye view of the island of Malcapuya.

aerial view of the shores where the outriggers were docked

As the wind whispers loudly and continuously blow causing the gentle sway of the trees, the beauty of the island is still on sight.  I could imagine staying at the island under a perfect weather condition and indeed the inevitable sunburn would be produced as I stay at the waters for a number of hours.

And so the time came when we have to bid farewell to the island as we have to trust our boatman that a continued stay would compromise our safety going back to the mainland of Coron.

Truly, another paradise of the Philippines.

This is part of the 4D3N stay at Coron, Palawan.


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  1. at kompleteo na pala ang CORON SERIES mo! Bilis! I didn't really expect malcapuya beach to be this nice. When we were having a chat with Cindy (the Inn keeper at Patrick& Tezz) she mentioned that this island could rival Boracay. I didn't believe her of course. Seeing it the next day challenged that belief. It could be at par with Boracay definitely. To note na mabagyo and all nung pumunta tayo pero shining,shimmering spendid parin yung island. It's beautiful despite those harsh conditions. Lalo pa kaya pag maaraw. malcapuya is love. Medyo nakakatakot nga lang ang boat ride but everything became easy and fun dahil sa mga kasama. It really is not just about the place sometimes but the people you are with in a place. It was a pleasure experiencing this paradise with you Julius. Till we hit the road together again! Meow!

    1. thanks anton! it was indeed a great experience. invite mo lng ko next gala kng ok lang. haha

  2. ganda talaga ng malcapuya! it's a bit far from the main areas of coron but the trip is worth it

    1. yup. it's indeed worth it. i can only imagine how beautiful the island is under a good weather. thanks for dropping by mr. chua. :)