Situated at one of the most visited corners of Coron town proper as it is near the Public Market and the port where outrigger canoes are docked for the island hopping adventures, this restaurant seems to be abreast of the tourism conditions of the island.

The signage itself marks as a proof of worldwide invitation with translations on foreign language characters.

Being skeptic that dinner would taste bland as our lunch, Anton of pusangkalye resorted to his reliable food guide, The Trip Advisor.  And thanks to him we finally settled to have our first dinner in Coron at Kookie Restaurant.

At a glance of all the reviews posted, a common statement was "slow service".  Will it be the same for us?

The restaurant is situated at the second floor of this imposing building, which serves as a lodging house as well for sojourners.

A relatively narrow stairway leads to the second floor of the building.

There were no diners during that time and as observed, the interiors depict a usual eatery in the corner of any street in the country, only that we are on a much elevated position.

Contrary to some reviews, the serving staff were all courteous and attentive to what we are about to order. Having no other group to dine on one of their prepared tables may be one factor I should say.  Thus, we may be fortunate for that day.

A quick grasp of the menu would reveal how cheap the food to be served were.  And so we placed our orders with hopes that taste would not be as bland as the lunch served to us.

Thai Curry Chicken
everyone's favorite- Crab Meat Curry
sweet and sour Lapu-Lapu

I personally liked the crab meat curry although I am not a fan of spicy foods.  Overall experience was good and contrary to some reviews, service was not slow and waiting staff were in fact accommodating to answer whatever query comes to our mind.  At last, a tasty and sumptuous dish marks the first dinner we had at Coron.

This is part of the 4D3N stay at Coron, Palawan.

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  1. looks delicious though. Let me put this on my list once I visit Coron :)

    Visions of a Color Blind Photographer

    1. it really is. thanks biboy for dropping by the site! :)

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