Breakfast anyone?  Located along the busy streets of Coron town proper, visitors of the island are welcome to start their day with a sumptuous breakfast in a Filipino way.

We Filipinos are fond of silog for breakfast, which to the list comes tapsilog, longsilog, chicksilog, hotsilog and so on.

Big Mamas of Coron indeed offers such a delectable choice for breakfast at a very low price.  Indeed, a good find for budget travelers and backpackers of the island.

While food is not that remarkable and special, as the same may be served anywhere else and there is no local cuisine of the island to boast for, the opportunity of being able to have the first meal of the day while watching the passers-by and the daily activities of the locals along the busy streets is already a treat.

It was our last day in Coron when we decided to have breakfast at one of the places painted in hues of green.  Interiors were kept at a minimum to provide a cozy dining experience.

Placing an order was a breeze and so is the service.  We passed by the restaurant the night before and indeed it was full of tourists and appeared crowded although waiting staff can still manage to get the orders of the increasing number of diners.  Thus, we decided not to have our dinner here.

Fortunately, for mornings at Coron, the place is ideal for a relaxing ambiance and stress-free state.

This is part of the 4D3N stay at Coron, Palawan.

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