our outrigger canoe docked at Angib Beach, Sta. Ana, Cagayan, Philippines
Every beach location in the Philippines never fail to make reference to the famous and renowned Boracay Island.  Beaches may be tagged as the Boracay of the North, of the South, of the East, of the West, and whatever directions of all sort.

One of the finest beaches in the northeastern part of the Philippine Map, particularly  that at Sta. Ana, Province of Cagayan is no exemption, being marked as the Boracay of the North for some beach lovers.  To me, however, the same is incomparable and should be known as it marks its own name. 

This is Anguib Beach. A clear and pristine turquoise waters with powdery and fine white sand enclaved in a lush and verdant mountains.

Under a perfect weather, we docked at the Anguib Beach on board an outrigger canoe after thirty minutes of travel time from our resort (which is near the San Vicente Port).  As I set foot on the beach, it was priceless, I was at awe on this paradise at Sta. Ana, Cagayan. No commercial establishments were set up and there were even no guests on the island except our group.  It was perfect.

After the mandatory photography sessions of self-portraits, group pictures, landscapes and so on, we decided to set up our "mini-kitchen"and cook food for our lunch with our handy butane and cook set. However, the caretaker immediately warned us through our boatman that cooking was not allowed and the entrance fee was PHP100 per head.  Our excitement was interrupted then but at least we get to experience total paradise in matter of minutes. 

With another sign of commercialization of local tourism, we transferred to the adjacent part of the beach where campers were allowed and a minimal fee of PHP220.00 was charged for the use of the cottage, just so we can cook and prepare for our lunch.  No entrance fee was charged. It was equally stunning as the portion of the long stretch of the beach where our outrigger canoe first docked.

outrigger canoe of Mr. Arnulfo Peralta (you can contact him at +639496492037 or +639154670964; email add:; website:
Getting There

It was a thirty-minute ride on board the outrigger canoe (motorized pump boat)  from our resort to Anguib Beach.  The water was calm then so we smoothly sailed towards this paradise.

We paid PhP1,500.00 for boat rental on this journey to the cove.

As I Wander

Beach bumming, picnic, drinking spree and the usual conversations with friends and the locals were  our activities. 

No water sports and outdoor activities at that. With the usual people-watching, I was humbled by the locals way of life. It was a good experience.

We were joined by a boatman and a travel guide, Mr. Arnulfo Peralta, while listening to the sound of the waves on one afternoon drinking session.  He was guiding other tourists as well who earlier on pitched their tents within the vicinity beside our cottage. It was a smooth conversation and he welcomed us to the island, like any other local, whole-heartedly.  He relayed to us that the beach would be included as one of the sites for the upcoming edition of the known reality-show Survivor, same with the Palaui Island. Thus, for the next few months expect the said beach and other sites on Sta. Ana to be closed to the public due to an exclusive contract with the producers of the reality show.

It was a perfect time to relax and chill on the said beach.  As time passes by, the sun slowly sets down and so we have to go back to our resort.  Transient our stay may be, but it was quite a rewarding  treat for us who were used to the fast-paced life of Metro Manila.

En route to our resort, the dramatic backdrop of the sunset amidst the ocean was a priceless experience. We particularly witnessed the varied hues of sunset over the silhouettes of the boat and lush mountains that surround.

Another off-beaten track indeed and a secret paradise unveiled by my wandering slippers.

Being only one of Sta. Ana's hidden paradise, expect the beaches of Mapurao, Nangaramoan and Puzo Robo to be equally stunning as Anguib Beach.

Travel Date:  March 8, 2013

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  1. na-miss ko bigla ang Anguib Beach... :)

    1. maganda nga dun sir. sayang lang hindi kami naka pag stay ng overnight. thanks for dropping by!

  2. meron po bang mga cottages na pwedeng tulugan kapag gustong mag overnight stay po?

    1. hi artem! usually tents lang tulugan ng mga nagoovernight dun kac walang resorts talaga although my mga cottages naman na open pwede pakiusapan mga caretakers kng gamitin nyo ng overnight

  3. magkano po entrance?

  4. I'm originally from Cagayan but never been to Sta Ana... might as well include this on my itinerary once I go there for vacation. :)

  5. goodmorning. pano kapag interested pumunta family ko. mga 60 pax kami, pero gusto namin mag overnight at malaman nkung may function hall or area dun na pwede kami mag set-up for party para sa birthday ng lola namin. at kung ano din sana magandang package para sa family namin since maraming bata at kung magkano na din ang entrance fee. salamat!

  6. hi po we r planning po na pumunta jan s sta.ana allowed po kya ang dog?

  7. We are planning to go to Anguib Beach but I want to know if there are cottages to stay overnight and if there are, how much?....pls reply

  8. We are planning to go to Anguib Beach, are cottages to stay for overnight? How much?

  9. Anguib Beach is nice. Thanks for sharing. Is the entrance fee still Php 100 ?

  10. Me website ba sila to book accomodation? Magkano ang cottages,