Coron is a first class municipality in the Province of Palawan.  It is currently becoming everyone's dream destination and an inclusion in every wandering slippers (lakwatserong tsinelas) bucket list.  But with the common notion that it entails a relatively large sum of money and a well-researched and prepared itinerary, hesitations of pushing through on the dream destination comes into play.

With increasing number of low-cost carriers offering sale on fares, gone are the days when only the rich and middle class with stable income-earners can visit Coron, Palawan.  

Depending on one's preference and acceptance to embrace a new way of travelling, I should say Coron on a budget tour is definitely attainable.

Weather condition is the most important consideration when visiting Coron.  But with low cost fares on rainy months, who would reject such an opportunity.  As they say, even a bad weather could not ruin a vacation.  The natural beauty of the destination and the travel companions can make a difference.

Sample Itinerary

a view of Mt. Tappyas from the outrigger boat
Day 1:

0100 PM:  Departure from Manila to Coron
0200 PM:  Arrival at Coron Airport
0230 PM:  Travel to Coron Town Proper
0300 PM:  Check-in at hostel, late lunch
0400 PM:  Start of hike to Mt. Tappyas
0430 PM:  sightseeing at the summit of Mt. Tappyas and picture taking
0500 PM:  start descent
0530 PM:  Start travel to Maquinit Hot Spring
0630 PM:  Maquinit Hot Spring
0730 PM:  Back to Coron Town Proper
0830 PM:  Dinner and drinking spree until drunk

Day 2:

0800 AM:  Assembly at Coron Pier for island hopping adventures
0900 AM:  Start island hopping tours:
                   a.  Siete Pecados
                   b.  Hidden Lagoon
                   c.  Twin Peaks
                   d.  Twin Lagoon
                   e.  Kayangan Lake
                   f.  Barracuda Lake
0500 PM:  End of island hopping tours
0530 PM:  Rest at Hotel and take a nap
0700 PM: Dinner
0800 PM:  Rest - so tired of island hopping adventures!

Day 3:

0800 AM:  Assembly at Coron Pier
0930 AM:  Arrival at Malcapuya Island
0330 PM:   Back to Coron Town Proper
0400 PM:   Snorkeling at Coral Garden
0500 PM:  End of Day Tour to Malcapuya Island
0530 PM:  Rest
0630 PM:  Souvenir shopping
0700 PM:  Dinner
0830 PM:  Rest

Day 4:

0800 AM:  Breakfast and souvenir shopping
1000 AM:  Pick-up of van to airport
1030 AM: Arrival at airport
0100 PM:  Departure to Manila
0200PM:  Arrival at Manila


In any travel to known tourist destinations, the expenses to be incurred is a major consideration.  Here is a summary of our expenses, on a Do-It-Your-Own Itinerary matched with the haggling skills with the boat man.

Although some entrance fees were discounted, I shall nevertheless present the standard rates per person for guidance.

Van- Airport to Coron town proper 150.00
Chartered Tricycle:
   Mt. Tappyas and Maquinit Hot Spring 75.00 300 for 4 pax *tip to driver not included
Chartered Boat for Day 2 300.00 1500 for 5 pax
Food for Day 2 300.00 1500 for 5 pax
Accommodations 750.00 500 per night per room for two
Entrance Fees:
    Siete Pecados 100.00
    Kayangan Lake 200.00
    Barracuda Lake 100.00
    Atuayan Beach 100.00
Food for Day 3 200.00 1000 for 5 pax
Chartered Boat to Malcapuya 600.00 3000 for 5 pax
Entrance Fee for Malcapuya 200.00
Entrance Fee for Coral Garden 100.00
TOTAL 3175.00

The above summary does not include expenses for dinner and souvenirs, which basically varies for each travelers' preference.  Thus, the standard rates and essentials are posted.

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  1. I miss Coron, but I miss Culion more. I feel bad na tinamaan sila ng grabe nung typhoon. Let's visit Coron/Culion para makabangon sila agad :)

    1. being a coastal town with a majority of its source of livelihood from tourism, we need to advocate and entice more visitors to come. let's help rebuild their major industry...

  2. Sir, when you're staying a hostel did you make a reservation, walk in or approach some locals? Thanks.

    1. we stayed at patrik & tezz, a homestay, reservations were made by a blogger friend. here's the link:

  3. Sir, when you stayed at hostel, did you make your reservation, walk in or approach some locals? Thanks...

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