Have you ever dreamt of being able to dine in a cruise ship, enjoying the company of friends and even sojourners? One of Tacloban City, Leyte's finest restaurants will make you feel the same without shelling out too much money.  Since a cruise would definitely cost you a lot, why not experience it in the terrains and let your imagination move as if you're dreams have indeed come true.

Located at the Leyte Park Resort Hotel grounds offshore the San Pedro Bay sits a restaurant architecturally inspired by the structure of a boat known as the Bar-Ko.

Before the start of the Pintados-Kasadyaan Ritual Presentation at the Grandstand, together with fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers, we had our lunch at the said restaurant hosted by the owner, Mr. Jadway Go.  Special thanks as well to Mr. Alex Estudillo, Mr. Joey Maraya and my good friend, udak traveler Agnelli Estudillo for making this possible.

It was indeed a feast!

The restaurants' interior is designed to mimic a boat which is about to sail.  This is basically a sailing boat restaurant experience.  A live acoustic band is also available at night to provide a more relaxing ambiance and may even vary to a show band if the crowd is for young professionals such as on weekends.

I have been to the restaurant for so many times, as every time I go home to Tacloban City, the place has been a constant rendezvous if my friends wanted a feast on seafoods.

During our lunch, the following are some of the delightful and delicious Filipino dishes served at our table.  For fear of being late for the Festival Ritual Presentation, everything was a breeze and limited orders were made although I can personally attest that there are still more dishes worthy to try on while at this restaurant.



everyone's favorite- CRISPY PATA
It was truly a good treat from one of the finest restaurants in the city.  When in Tacloban City, you should never miss the crispy pata of Bar-Ko, a cheat on a diet is all worth it.  

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  1. Stayed at the Leyte Park Hotel a few years ago. But at the time, I think waray pa ini nga Bar-Ko because I roamed around at wala naman akong nakitang ganito. Hope to be back there soon.