towards Leyte- view from Samar

As a reiteration of my childhood dream, one of those is to be able to cross that longest bridge in the Philippines and take a lot of photos  while on it. 

Important facts we should know about the bridge:

a.  This is the longest bridge in the Philippines connecting two provinces: Samar and Leyte, that spans a body of seawater;

b.  This is one of the gifts that the former President Marcos gave to the people of Tacloban and to the former first lady, Imelda Romualdez, who is a resident of Leyte;

c.   The bridge is designed with the letter S coming from Samar and converts itself to the letter L, upon entering Leyte - commencing from the signage which welcomes you to Leyte;

d.  It took almost four years to construct the bridge (1969-1973) and

e.  It is considered as one of the most beautifully designed bridges in the Philippines.

The third fact is something which is new for me.  


with friends/colleagues from the legal profession

a view of the islets surrounding and below the bridge

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