"I shall return." 

This is the famous statement of the late General Douglas MacArthur whose participation in the history of our country and liberation from foreign domination cannot be discounted.  As a tribute to the fulfillment of his promise to return to the Philippines after the Japanese occupation during the World War II, this historic memorial was built in Candahug Palo, Leyte.

Like the late General, it was part of my to-do list to go back to my hometown but take photos with these life-sized statues with the general and his men, including the late Philippine President Sergio Osmena Jr. and then General Carlos Romulo, standing under a man-made pool.  

The memorial has been a part of every travelers itinerary in Region VIII.  Every October 20 of each year, a reenactment of that momentous landing is being held, attended by local and foreign dignitaries.  From my recollection, the last time I witnessed the said reenactment was when I was still in grade school as we were required to attend, but afterwards I wasn't able to visit the memorial anymore.

The memorial is situated at the Red Beach of Candahug, Palo, Leyte, which is 5kms away from the Provincial capital of Tacloban City.  When flight back to Manila or other destinations are delayed by hours, you may actually still have time to wander in the said park and took photos as souvenir, as the site is near the DZR Airport.

As a trivia, the replica that was built is actually the same spot where the General and his men actually landed.  If you want to confirm, just do the necessary research, I just based this statement on my readings and interview from the locals.

For your next visit to Eastern Visayas, never fail to include this site.

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