My profession takes me to places where sometimes I can't complain, all for the cause of your clients.  My visit to the Province of Samar is no exception from such destiny of mine.  My impromptu visit to the province made me think of ways on how to explore and discover the province, despite the security issues and risks attendant to my visit during that time.

Maqueda Bay, Catbalogan, Samar at sunset

There are two cities in the Province of Western Samar.  The Provincial Government seats at Catbalogan City, Samar, while the one of the oldest cities in Eastern Visayas is Calbayog City.  Despite the proximity of the said province to the city where I spent most of my childhood days, this is the first time that I was given the opportunity to visit the Province.

With a laidback lifestyle and no jeepneys plying around for commuters, rural living is really part of the Samar experience.  Assessing from mere observation, the Province is indeed an investment hub to unfold.  There are several business opportunities to enter into if only the right resources are exploited and utilized.

Catbalogan City

I stayed at the Maqueda Bay Hotel in Samar for the weekends while waiting for my deployment to another city, where I would be staying most of the time.  I was given the opportunity to wander around during the night, and like any other small cities, the city attempts of a metropolitan lifestyle where small bars and restaurants are already available for every local and visitors of the city to spend the night with.  Just don't expect too much as the bars close early, but the drinks are definitely cheap, as a consolation.

twin islands of Catbalogan, Samar

Calbayog City

Most of the time I just stayed at the Tourism Office of the City, next to its City Hall where across stood a church of quite a remarkable architectural design.  

One break time, I took the opportunity to visit the church and took photos of its interiors to feed my curiosity.

For lack of time to wander the city, this post is but limited to where my work assignment was.  I intend to get back to the province as a tourist and discover more of what it has to offer to all of us.

Aside from the interiors of the church of Calbayog, I have no where else to go for this visit but the government buildings.

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  1. Hi! It certainly is a beautiful town and the church is grand! I welcome trips that are unplanned as well. In fact the best times I had with a particular place are those that are not part of my itinerary or trips that I had taken on whim! :)Great post!

  2. Yes it is. I'm planning to go back actually. Thanks Ms. Di for reading.

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