The sound of exhaustion, hangover and simply laziness emanated.  Who could have imagined consuming more than forty bottles of beer for one night?  Really I can’t.  I refuse to recalculate.  I refuse to recall.

One thing is certain though and that is, I enjoyed the stay for two consecutive nights at Z Hostel together with my friends.

Z Hostel is situated at 5660 Don Pedro Street, Makati City.  Main landmarks include the Burgos Street, A-Venue and the Rockwell Drive.  The hostel is easy to locate as it is within the center of Makati City, where night life illuminates.     

The hostel is branded as the first luxurious hostel in the country.  The spacious receiving area may prove that declaration.  There are amenities such as a game room, theater room, travel desk and reading lounger with book exchange, not usual for a hostel but bordering to a hotel.

Each room has customized spacious beds, quality bed sheets, ensuite bathrooms, WiFi access and luggage storage that can fit even the travelers.  (click here to check rates)

The whole Sunday was a time to relax and chill.  We woke up in time for the last call for breakfast, served at the ground floor of the hostel.  The typical breakfast composition of toasted bread, butter and other spreads, fruits and scrambled egg was a comfort. 

After breakfast, we went back to our room and dozed off.  Even with a dormitory type of room, the bunk beds were designed for a relative privacy. 

Late afternoon, we decided to have our lunch, ordered our favorite #jollibee meal and in a few minutes the drinking spree began.  It was such a relaxing Sunday.  We were at the Roofdeck Bar of Z Hostel.

The roof deck is the best vantage to view the towering skyscrapers of Makati and the neighboring cities in the metro.  At night, it transformed into a party place and venue for stargazing and witnessing the city lights as backdrop.  Every Sunday the hostel holds a gathering of guests, owners with their friends and families.  Sunday slowdown as they call it.

It was fun meeting like-minded people. And that fun comes with a severe hangover.  Forty bottles of beer?  I’m not sure again.

The zeal to laze indeed comes with a cost and subject to limitations.  But at Z Hostel, sans the bottles of beer, the stay is with a minimal cost and the fun continues in a luxurious accommodations.


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  1. Whoah this hostel/hotel is cool. I especially like the roof deck and the shelf of books at the lobby and little nooks by the beds I don't understand the prices. The lockers are really commodious. And the Suman for breakfast!!! The "1 bed in 4 bed mixed dormitory" says maximum 1 adult at 995PHP - is that per person/night? - Atlas M. Amante