It’s the first weekend getaway of the group for this year.  And where are we heading to? To the SM Mall of Asia.  Yes, we converged at the Mall of Asia but not to shop or dine rather it was our gateway to a 90-minute drive via the Cavitex-Ternate-Nasugbu route for a yet another luxurious tapped with exclusivity weekend stay at Hamilo Coast.

Hamilo Coast is an expansive 5,900 hectare property located in Nasugbu, Batangas with 13 coves, a 31-kilometer coastline, said to be rich in marine life and abundant flora and fauna.  Fortunately, we were invited to the first development in the “Premier Sustainable Coastal Resort Town” of Hamilo Coast which is Pico de Loro, a 40-hectare residential village inside the Hamilo Coast.

En route to Pico de Loro Cove, the scenic mountains and coastal highways was a treat, though I felt dizzy on a certain winding road (but that’s just me).  We passed by the longest underground road tunnel in the Philippines as well, known as Kaybiang Tunnel (Ternate-Nasugbu).  Road network is efficient, making the trip to Pico de Loro an adventure and a pleasant treat in itself.

As soon as we arrived at the vast property, it was a feeling as if we have entered an exclusive subdivision in the metropolis.


The spacious lobby of the reception area of Pico Sands Hotel eradicated the transient dizziness I had.  Check-in was a breeze as we were greeted and facilitated by the friendly staff and receptionists of the hotel.  

Two views are provided by the hotel: the lagoon and the mountains.  We were checked-in at the Lagoon View Premier Deluxe room where a balcony served as a good vantage to view the tranquil lagoons.  The room is equipped with the basic facilities, free wifi and is indeed spacious.  The complimentary toiletries, welcome drinks and fresh fruits was more than a warm welcome. 


After we settled on our designated rooms, we gathered at the Pico Restaurant for snacks.  What does a snack mean actually?  The snacks served appeared like a full regular meal.  Food is delectable and presented gastronomically appealing.  Pizza, pasta and innovative drinks landed on our table.

Across the Pico Restaurant but within the hotel is the Pico bar.  The basic colors of the hotel’s interiors provide a relaxing ambiance.  If you’re looking for redhorse beer, sorry there’s none.  The al fresco dining area even more defined the comfort and relaxing stay we had at the hotel.

The hotel further provides a spa which I did not avail. Guests of the hotel are given access to the Pico Beach, Reef Bar and Grill and the Country Club.  With the vast acre of land it has, guests are transported thru a free shuttle service for convenience.  It truly is a vacation fit for royalties.

We had our dinner at the Reef Bar and Grill with everything grilled as the name implies.  Truly, it was well-prepared and delicious that everyone was full.  Dining near the beach on a cold night with hanging lanterns that surround as my feet touches the fine sands is a perfect retreat for me.  It could pass as a romantic date venue.  Though not with a date, it was more than fun being with friends as well.

Pico de Loro Cove Residential Community

Named after species of birds, there are four residential clusters located in the Pico de Loro Cove with a total of eight-low impact, mid-rise condominiums, these are: Myna,Jacana, Carola and Miranda.  They do like birds obviously.  In fact, Pico de Loro cove is named after Mt. Pico which resembles a parrot’s beak.  “Loro” translates to parrot in Filipino language.

A morning jog or walk, whichever you prefer, could have been appropriate while passing by the front yards of this residential community.  It was well landscaped and the shade of trees was perfect for soul searching. 

We passed by the residential houses one evening after our dinner to digest what we had feasted and the following day after breakfast to pass by the hanging bridge and en route to the beach.  It is therefore scenic and relaxing for anytime of the day.

Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club

The Sunday morning was a leisure day for us. We had our breakfast at the Lagoa Restaurant, exclusive for members and accompanied guests.  A fusion of Asian and Western cuisine was served while we position ourselves outside the restaurant overlooking the swimming pools that suggests of infinity on account of the man-made lagoon.  My senses were fully awakened by such view.  Who wouldn’t?

The country club has amenities exclusively for members and hotel guests, such as ourselves.  These are:

Grab n’Go Convenience Store
Baia Ballroom
Cala Function Room
Swimming Pools
B&B – Bowling and Billiards
Club Pico – playground for kids
Basketball Court
Badminton Courts
Squash Court
Tennis Court
Videogame Room
Music Room
Fitness Center
St. Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel

“I want to be married here.”  This is my assuming self declaring a dream as we visited the St. Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel.  The view was indeed picturesque and can be quite a romantic venue apt for exchange of vows, with a backdrop of the golden sunset.

Our last day was spent mostly at the Beach Club.  Cocktails were consumed after lunch at the Sun Coral Café.  

Aside from the said café, members and accompanied guests have access to the following facilities located at the Beach Club:

Brisa Bar
Reef Bar
Kultura Butik
Swimming Pool
1.5 km. white sand beach

There are sports activities as well available which we were not able to avail for time constraints, maybe next time.  I was not even able to swim at the beach for pure reasons of laziness and no other.  I just want to sit in one corner, swim in the pool, drink and relax. 

Truly, this is one weekend of pampering ourselves for the busy week we had at work.  Being the closest luxury residential resort village to Metro Manila, it was indeed a pleasure for having been given the opportunity of a relaxing and quality time spent.


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  1. Beautiful photos! Will try to visit this since I'm from Batangas :)

  2. will you need a member to come here?