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Fancy restaurants, theaters, shopping malls and public plazas are but some of the many usual rendezvous and venues for the so-called romantic dates on a Valentine’s Day.  Whoever said it should be commercialized must be coursed.  (the bitter self speaking)

Then an event came for us to gather at the newest luxurious designer hostel situated at the center of the business district of Makati City.  

We are at the Junction Hostels of Makati. 

In time for dinner, we stood at one corner of Makati, as we alight from the cab and gazed the façade of Junction Hostels sans the traffic congestion and picky cab drivers. It was a totally different side of Makati.  We were standing next to one of the owners, the lovely Ms. Cyndy Tan Jarabata.

We were greeted with a warm welcome by the owners of the hostel together with the cheerful staff of yet another overnight stay we will be having as we reached the second floor of the building.  In a few minutes, we were ushered to a room of 3 bunk beds where we shall settle for the night.

The room is spacious with quality of mattresses the same as that of high star-rated hotels in the Metro, a 21-inch to be specific.  Where can you find a hostel with quality of service and amenities the same as that of a hotel but rates do keep up with budget hostels? As a matter of fact it’s between the range of 600 to 900 pesos only.  (click here to check room types and rates)

Our dinner and breakfast were served at the reception area where a container van serves as the kitchen/bar.  This is named as the Truck - so literal of what it is made of.  It is truly innovative and practical knowing as to how this container van made it to the second floor of this building.   

The common areas include the laundry, entertainment room, a pantry and the dining area.  The geometric lamps hanging on the area is likewise refreshing, adding to the aesthetics of the corner.  There are more than 200 light bulbs on this floor. 

The world map fascinates me.  There is one posted at the dining area which serves as an attendance sheet.  Guests are encouraged to pin down their tickets or any proof of transportation to the hostel at the country or city where they came from.  I am uncertain of the rules if it includes photos.  Nonetheless, in our case, no less than Lakad Pilipinas represented the group where a bus coupon made it to the world map of the hostel.

In this day and age where every nook and corner makes it to the social media sites with citation of emotions and current conditions, the Junction Hostels addresses such fad.  Witty statements and murals scribbled illicitly on the walls of each floor make the hostel social-media friendly - thumbs up for the outstanding interior design!

It was a challenge making this relatively old building’s interior transform into a refreshing and modern one, according to the interior designer, Edwin Uy, who accompanied us while we make a tour of each floor of the hostel.  But truly, a look at the hostel’s interiors would be unsuspecting of a previous challenge posed to the designer.  It is truly a masterpiece. 

I have a scheduled work the following day. But the opportune time of having to converge with fellow travel bloggers over bottles of beer at the dining area should not be missed.  We then stayed until early morning and dozed off.  I have to wake up 7AM to go to the office.  And yes I made it!  Valentine’s Day is a working day for me. 

A good quality sleep was provided by the clean sheets and fluffy pillows of the hostel making me rejuvenated for another working day and eradicating hangover caused by the drinking spree the night before.  There are racks and sockets as well beside each bed which makes me feel secure as I have my mobile phone always within my reach.

I woke up early to take a bath when my roommates are still in deep slumber.  Each dormitory room has an ensuite bathroom, which has bath gel, shampoo and towels likewise provided to guests.  All these are given free of charge, which makes this hostel totally different from what my perception of a hostel is.

And what’s even more remarkable for me is the fact that the toilet comes with a bidet.

Not all travelers are alike.  There are those who do not want to mingle with strangers on the road and some female travelers would like to be accommodated with females as well.  Fortunately, Junction Hostel of Makati can address your concerns.  There are female rooms, a 3-bed dormitory room or a private room which you can reserve for your group of choice.

When I went back to the hostel from the office, my friends were just chatting on the pantry and some were still sleeping.  The hostel really feels like home, a conducive place to just relax and laze around. 

My Valentine’s Day was spent on a date with my friends at one of the best designer hotels of the Metro – the Junction Hostels of Makati City.  I’m glad I accepted the invitation, a pleasure that defined what my Valentine's Day was for this year. 

Annex Matheus Building,
Gen. Luna Corner Don Pedro Streets,
Barangay Poblacion, 1210 Makati City, Philippines
+632 5016575/78 or +63917 5541813


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  1. Suits you perfectly panyero. May design na tsinelas :) I love the floor design, colorful!

  2. Why people still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world all is presented on net?