Tacloban City, Leyte would not be known as the "City by the Bay" for nothing.  An imposing structure perched on the San Pedro Bay is the Pier Tres Seafood Restaurant that is worthy of visit when in Tacloban City and currently living up as a landmark of what kind of city Tacloban is.

Entrance is through the Leyte Park Resort Hotel grounds and definitely there is more than just being a known structure as it offers delectable cuisine and a feast of seafoods on a relaxing ambiance.

This is akin to a floating restaurant of a much stable foundation.  For a perfect get together and catching up with childhood friends, we had our dinner at this restaurant and ordered whatever I have been craving for not usually available at Metro Manila and if available would definitely cost me a lot of money.

I personally recommend that it's best to be at the restaurant during night time.

Aside from the sumptuous seafood on our dining table, the ambiance and interiors of the restaurant add up to the perfect "dining-by-the-bay" experience.

Under a perfect weather condition, the constellations would be right above watching while you dine in a reasonably priced restaurant.  And by reasonable, you would definitely be surprised.  Find out for yourself...

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  1. Nom nom! Those are mouthwatering food you posted there. Btw, how many hours from Manila to Leyte by air?

    1. its approximately 45 mins. travel time. thanks for dropping by!

    2. house for sale philippinesOctober 16, 2013 at 9:16 AM

      Thanks! I'm planning to put it on my bucket list then.