my carrier to Coron, Palawan
Palawan is a dream destination for me.  I never thought that visiting the province would be at the soonest time possible without any further research and planned itineraries.  Thanks to Anton of pusangkalye for informing us of the trip and the wholehearted invitation.

A continuous heavy downpour of rain was experienced in Metro Manila weeks before the intended flight to Busuanga (Coron).  On this note, only hopes of a good weather and a positive disposition was on mind.  Still armed with no research and expectations, the day then came.

On board a Cebu Pacific flight, I was surprised to know that they were already serving beers.  Thus, an order shall be placed.

For a relatively long travel time from Manila (1 hour and thirty minutes) I dozed off for a few minutes after the "beer replenishment".

Ironically, the airport officials does not allow those with alcoholic content or drunk for that matter to be at the aircraft.  However, beer is being served while inside the aircraft.  Thus, when one has less tolerance on alcohol, inevitably a passenger can get drunk on board the plane.  Don't mind me, this is me again over analyzing the ironies of life.

With expected turbulence being experienced and few sightings of scattered islands underneath, we then arrived at the  Francisco B. Reyes Airport, Busuanga Island, Coron, Palawan.

There is no conveyor at the airport, thus, every passenger just have to rely on the honesty of co-passengers that no one picks and claims the wrong luggage.

Outside the terminal, there are vans that will take the passengers direct to your booked accommodations or the Coron town proper.  The rate is fixed at 150.00 pesos, which must have been fixed by the Local Tourism to avoid the hassle of haggling for rates.

After we settled our things at our transient house for the  following days, we had our late lunch on one of the restaurants at the Coron town proper.  Then, we decided that the tour shall be on a Do-It-Your own thing.  Quite interesting!  As most of my friends who told stories of their trip to Coron availed of packages.  So will scheme be all worth it?  This we have to find out.

As a preliminary, it was around 4PM and we decided to charter a tricycle that will take us to Mt. Tapyas and the Maquinit Hot Spings.  The tricycle ride was a random choice, that is, whoever, comes along our way.


Expected to be physically exhausting, I honestly had hesitations of giving this a try.  But since I'm already here why not make the most of my stay rather than regret it in the future when I can no longer sustain my stamina and endurance.

They say its a 700-step to the summit.  And I say- What? Why am I here?  This is a reaction almost recurring and automatic at that, when I am for mountain climbing and hiking, but still no matter what my predicaments are, I still have to go for it.

Most reviews say that the summit of Mt. Tapyas would give every visitor the best sunset one has experienced.  But in our case, I know it won't happen as the skies are dark and nowhere is there a sign for the horizon to clear and at least boast of the sun's fading away.

I could not recall how many minutes we were walking through the concrete pavements in order to reach the summit.  Yes, this is some sort of a staircase leading to the cross at the top of the summit.

Along the way, we were greeted by plants and animals of species I could not identify and scattered islands as a view, as if, making this site as an introduction of what our stay in Coron shall be all about.  Thanks to my travel companions and the hike to the summit was not that boring and too physically exhausting.

After a forgotten number of minutes, we made it to the summit of Mt. Tapyas.

It feels good to breathe fresh air notwithstanding the gloomy skies that surrounds.  Luckily, the rain has not yet poured down.

The limestone rock formations of the Island of Busuanga was a sight to behold.  Thus, to console myself of climbing this staircase I am reminded that this is not everyday that I got the chance to see such a sight.

From a distance, a mountain range that forms like a man lying is on sight and it's something only the works of nature can provide.

See photo below if you can decipher and clearly point out the mountain range formation.

This is what the summit of Mt. Tapyas has in store.

Since I am armed with no research, I don't know the history and idea behind the cross at Mt. Tapyas, if its something of historical or religious of origin.

If anyone can share, I'll be glad to hear about it.

Once at the summit of Mt. Tapyas, I paused for a moment of silence not necessarily to do some reflections but to catch my breath as I therefore conclude I am no longer physically fit.

The mandatory photo sessions then began with a thousand of photos of the cross and the islands that surround and my friends back in Manila knew very well this would happen to me.

This imposing structure of the cross is quite an interesting topic to research about.   All I can see are satellite dishes and a power transmission lines with no visible marker to explain what the site is all about.  Or maybe there is, I just wasn't able to recognize or at least find it.

Then, after satisfying ourselves with the fact of having been able to climb the staircase leading to the summit of Mt. Tapyas, I was now confident the descent would be a lot easier as I am more comfortable on descents rather than ascents.  I immediately went down and while doing the trail, I noticed that once I stop to take photos, my legs were involuntarily shaking.  Is this a sign of old age?  (hahaha!)  I would like to think it's not, rather than an effect of no exercise and proper diet.

As locals advised, after an exhausting climb to the summit of Mt. Tapyas, it would be best to visit the Maquinit Hot Spring.  Honestly, I have never been to a natural hot spring, which means I am left with no expectations and point of comparison.

It was a long and winding road from the foot of Mt. Tapyas to Maquinit Hot Spring.  It was indeed an adventure!  I could have imagined if it was a day time trip and the weather was fine, it would be one dusty, bumpy and uncomfortable ride.  The tricycle driver was really skilled in maneuvering the ride amidst the narrow and unpaved streets.

After forty-five minutes we arrived at the Maquinit Hotspring.  As non-resident adults, we paid 150.00 pesos each as entrance fees.  

Since it was getting dark, I apologize I wasn't able to take vivid and clear pictures of the natural hot spring.  But I assure you that the experience and dip was really all worth it.  It would definitely be captured as a picturesque landscape under the shades of the sun.

This is a part of the 4-days 3 nights stay at Coron (Busuanga), Palawan, Philippines.

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  1. It was a privilege to have had traveled with you attorney. Kahit mabagyo it was a fun trip because of good company :)