When you have been traversing the lakes and waters afloat for quite a relatively long number of hours, suddenly we begin to feel the need and the urge to be at the shores and lay down on the sand with the waters touching our feet from time to time.

This is what I felt for Day 2 of our Coron adventure.

And so it was a relief to know that our last destination was a beach.

The journey was rough as we approach the beach, it was one of the moments when you imagine the outrigger boat capsize and swept away to an island in a matter of minutes and thus, living the life of a "castaway".  

But this is just an imagination.

In a more relaxed state at least speaking for myself, we then disembarked from our outrigger boat and find ourselves in one of the white-sand beaches of the island of Coron, Atuayan Beach.

Entrance fee: P100.00 per person

The skies began to clear as we settle at the beach, being the last stop of our island hopping that day.  The usual limestone formations surrounded the beach with luscious and verdant mountains and bonsai plants of names I don't know.  

Cottages are likewise available at the beach front for visitors to stay and have picnics or other activities they want to indulge in.  The sand was powdery white and it seems like a scene in a movie where you can run to and fro as much as you want while enjoying the view and the waters.

There were no visitors at the beach except our group which is a rare incident for a beach life.  Thus, the mandatory photo shoots and wandering for discovery is a must.

One noticeable policy in the island of Coron is the mandatory entrance fees for almost all the tourist destinations that they offer and that Atuayan Beach is not an exemption from that.  I have reservations on the imposition of such fees as with the small strip of land I just hope that this should have been given free of charge for all visitors to drop by or at least at a much discounted and reasonable amount.  However, since this seems to be a private property, then the hopes of the same being well-maintained is a predicament for every visitor of the beach.

The shores of the beach is the perfect spot to settle while at this relatively short strip of powdery white beach.  This is the "selfie" time as they term it, moments when you want to be alone and just sit and lay down by the shores with a relatively calm waves as the cold waters touch our toes.

I can't say with conviction that this is a good beach to plunge in.  Maybe for wandering and bonding with friends, this can be a good site but for swimming, I can't highly recommend it as there are crushed corals and rocks underneath the waters that you have to wear your slippers while taking a dip on this clear waters of Atuayan Beach.

This is part of the 4D3N stay at Coron, Palawan.

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