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Most of the travels I had for the year 2011 are on islands and beaches.  One particular destination which I have been dreaming to visit since childhood is the Boracay Island.  While everyone is complaining about its commercialization and its natural deterioration, these are all hearsay for me as I have to experience it first hand and do my self-assessment.  I have been to so many beach destinations, but it's quite embarrassing that I can't give any insight on the most visited Boracay Island of the Philippines.  Thus, the plan to visit as part of my birthday celebration.

sunset at Boracay Island

The first time I set foot on the famous island was last September of 2011.  I was not that amazed then contrary to the overrated and advertised praises about the island. I was even about to express my disappointment as it was so ordinary to me and there are other beaches I've visited with more fine sand than this one and commendable resorts.  We were accommodated at Station 2 of the Island at that time.  Since it was on the rainy season already, no outdoor activities were made.  My first Boracay experience was more of drinking spree sessions and quality time to bond with good friends.  Nothing special only that the backdrop of our usual drinking sessions was on an island known as Boracay.

Then another opportunity to visit the island came.  My friends and I decided to come back the following month.  This time we were accommodated at Station 1.  A complete contrast from the first experience, never did I expect I would totally enjoy the nightlife, the pristine waters, perfectly fine white sand under a clear blue sky and the remarkable resorts aligned along the shores of the island.  

Aside from the company of friends, the chance of meeting other visitors of the island is also a must-experience.  As they say no man is an island, and definitely, you'll regret being a loner in such a magnificent place coupled with a rare opportunity to mingle with other people, even complete strangers at that, where all of you share the same goal: to party and celebrate life!

From the looks of it, the beauty of the island reveals itself under a perfect weather condition, which I'm glad to say I finally experienced it first-hand.

the famous landmark of Boracay Island

The drastic change of my experience at the island is unconventional.  What could have been the factor/s?  I might have not enjoyed the over-all resort experience or was it because the weather on my first visit was mostly under overcast skies. But in all honesty, I was in fact just confined to Station 2 during that time consuming all the beer we could take.

How about you, how was your first Boracay experience?

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  1. I don't know what's with the Boracay sunset, but it never fails to amazed me!

    1. you are absolutely right kit. there's really something majestic on the boracay sunset. thanks for dropping by!