The trip to this northern part of Cebu was literally a "rough adventure" in the truest sense of the word.

The rough seas and the rough rider bus made this trip memorable and full of excitement.  Unmindful and intentionally dismissing advices of not pushing through with the trip, as there was an incoming typhoon, we all agreed to take the risks and made it to the Malapascua Island.

From the North Cebu Bus Terminal, you either take the Ceres bus or the Rough Rider Bus to Maya.  We opted for the latter.  Aside from the affordable rates, you can depend on the speed of getting to your destination at the soonest possible time.  However, if you're used to sleeping while on board, you'll be disappointed as you definitely won't be able to do it.  The trip is more than a roller coaster ride, it's  an aim for survival. 

From Maya Port, we have to cross a strait thru a motorboat that will take us the island itself.  Travel time is about 30-40 minutes.

Upon arrival at the island, we have no other agenda but to start the drinking spree.  

International divers are a mainstay in the island and most are after the famed tresher sharks.  Nightlife in the island is like a mini-Boracay, eliminating a few party scenes on resorts of international brand.  There are a number of beach front resorts though owned by locals.  All types of accommodations ranging from the cheapest to the most luxurious type, catering to the varied preference of visitors, are readily available and accessible. 

As our group is not into water sports activities - diving and snorkelling - all we have to do was just to lounge and continuously drink our favorite beers.

Our overnight stay at the island is an adventure to hold on to for a lifetime.  The heavy downpour during our intended schedule to depart from the island made us extend a couple of hours to try the happy hour promos of some resorts, opened actually for breakfast.  

As we cannot stay much longer due to work commitments in Manila, then we have to leave the island mandatorily.  We fortunately made it on time for our flight back to Manila, on the last scheduled flight for the day from Mactan.

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