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Literally, this experience to the Northern part of Cebu is another "rough adventure" as we term it. The rough seas and the rough rider bus made this trip memorable and full of excitement.  Disregarding advices of not pushing through with the plan as there is a typhoon, we all conquered and made it to the Malapascua Island.

From the North Cebu Bus Terminal, you either take the Ceres bus or the Rough Rider Bus to Maya.  We opted for the latter.  Aside from the affordable rates, you can depend on the speed of getting to your destination at the soonest possible time.  However, if you're used to sleeping while on board, you'll be disappointed as you definitely won't be able to sleep well while on board.  The trip is more than a roller coaster ride, it's as if you're catching for your life actually and aiming for survival. From Maya, we have to cross a strait thru a motorboat that will take us the island itself which takes about 30-40 minutes.

Upon arrival at the island, the drinking spree then begun.  International divers are a mainstay in the island and most are after the tresher sharks.  Nightlife in the island is a must-try as well, it's like a mini-boracay with a less commercialized environment.  There are many resorts to choose from. So there's no need to worry for accommodations ranging from the cheapest to the most luxurious type, catering to the varied preference of visitors in the island. 

Our overnight stay at the island is an adventure to hold on to for a lifetime.  Since the rain fell so hard during our intended schedule to depart from the island, we extended for a couple of hours to try the happy hour during breakfast.  As we cannot stay much longer due to work commitments in Manila, then we have to leave the island mandatorily.

Thus, we shall be back for a more planned and longer vacation in the island...

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