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The ladle was full of rice when served by the petite lady wearing a contagious smile, from one plate to another – unlimited.  She is a staff of a modern Filipino restaurant, where we decided to dine on our last night at Cebu.

The statement “Modern dining experience that is reminiscent of Filipino celebrations where family and friends come together to share festive moments” encapsulates our dining stint at the Golden Cowrie Restaurant.

The Golden Cowrie Restaurant is named after a marine snail known for its brilliant orange shell.  Seated comfortably on a long table to accommodate a group of ten including a marketing executive of the restaurant, we ordered the best-sellers they offer.  It was difficult to choose as almost every dish in the menu appears palatable and gastronomically satisfying. 

While waiting for the food to be served, I can’t help but be amazed of the restaurants’ interior emitting a vibe of a simple and rural dining.  Paintings depicting rural life were fixed on each corner with prominent illusions of capiz-shell windows and puso (hanging rice)-inspired bulbs making up its interior design.

Waiting time was short for our orders to be placed on the table ranging from varieties of meat, seafood, vegetables and Cebuano delicacies in the likes of ngohiong – a deep-fried spring roll.

With the huge serving it offers and not to mention palatable cuisine, prices are definitely reasonable and worth the visit to the city center of Cebu.

The humba was my personal favorite.  I am uncertain if this is a Visayan cuisine, but this has been my favorite even when I was young living in Tacloban City.  This sugar-braised pork dish of whatever version is mouthwatering to my palate.  And Golden Cowrie’s version did not disappoint.

Humba (PhP169.00)
The numerous variety of dishes on our table made the server of rice continuously be back any moment.  The unlimited rice the restaurant offers’ adds a total package for the Filipino feast.  Not too long ago, I decided to lessen my rice intake, and it was necessarily breached for this particular dinner.    

Sinigang na Tangigue (PhP210.00)

 Ngohiong - 5 pieces (PhP72.00)

Sisig (PhP198.00)
Tropical Brulee (PhP89.00)
Ube Crisp Ala Mode (PhP99.00)

Turon (PhP49.00)
Hukad as we call it in my home province means a large serving of anything related to food.  I am uncertain if the same holds true for Cebuanos but for our dining experience, it was indeed a Hukad sa Golden Cowrie. 

Salinas Drive, Lahug,
Cebu City, Philippines
(+63 32) 233 4243

(+63 32) 233-4670

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