the facade and the owner, Ms. Joyce
An ordinary Filipino dining table is never used to steaks and ribs. The time being demands a special occasion should one be served on our plates, but, time has evolved and restaurants all over the metropolis has started to specialize on such type of cuisine, openly embraced by the Filipinos.

With the notion that said types of dish are served on posh and high-end restaurants comes along a contrasting view of steak houses including the newly-opened restaurant situated at 143 D. Tuazon corner Calamba Street, Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City named Red Baron Ribs and Steaks.

Adjacent to a carwash shop, the Red Baron Steaks and Ribs has a unique concept and market in the food industry.  Moreso, despite its being relatively new and uncommonly situated not at the main thoroughfares of the metro, the restaurant is still frequented by a number of guests. 

We were greeted by the owners of the restaurant as soon as we were led to our respective seats of the dining area.  The food concepts and designs were made by the young entrepreneurs.

While we wait for the main dishes, nachos were served along with our ordered refreshing drinks - I had iced non-coffee based Kitkat Matcha.  The nachos were truly commendable, the corn chips being specially-made, complements well with the cheese and minced beef and other ingredients.  Truly, a must-try and at par with all the other nachos I have tasted!

Nachoriffic (PhP238.00)
Kitkat Matcha Iced Non-Coffee Based (PhP108.00)

Nutella Frizzy Coffee Based (PhP155.00) and Speculoos Cookie Bar Frizzy Coffee Based (PhP155.00)
Kitkat Matcha Frizzy Non-Coffee Based (PhP138.00)

Kitkat Matcha Hot Non-Coffee Based (PhP98.00)
Then, the gourmet burger experience follows.  Two types landed on our table as served by the waiting staff:  the Volcanic Bacon Mushroom Melt and Red Baron’s Brunch Monster Burger.

Volcanic Bacon Mushroom Melt (PhP255.00)
Flowing lava Mozarella with Certified Angus Burger, Cheese Sauce and Bacon Strips

Brunch Monster Burger (PhP245.00)
"RAWR" Certified Angus Burger in bread coated egg with bacon and cheese
To add challenge to the burger experience, a “Burger Battle” awaits every adventurous guest.  The angus burger should be consumed less than five minutes, otherwise, a cost shall be paid in an approximate of 700.00 pesos. The burgers’ composition (from bottom): bun-egg-mushroom-100% angus patty-cheese-bacon-lettuce-100% angus patty-cheese-spam-tomato-bun.  No one dared from our group since we have to taste other dishes prepared as well.  Are you up for the challenge?

I might try sometime soon should I loss appetite for a week or when too hungry.

Even with the burgers, we were already full yet we have to proceed with the main course – the varied steaks.  While rice could have been best when paired with the steaks, I opted for the side dishes instead.

The herb-crusted heavy porter house matched by a sweetened mashed potato was the stand out for me.  With a very reasonable (cheap actually) price as compared to other steak houses in the metro, Red Baron’s steaks were all worth the wait.

Herb crusted heavy porter house (PhP1959.00)
Herb flavor-chasing meat aged for 22 days

Rib Eye Steak (PhP289.00) and Lamb Steak (PhP299.00)

Blue Marlin Steak (PhP289.00)

side dishes
The company of good friends while dining is a given factor for me when asked if I enjoyed the dining experience.  But more than the given, the creative presentation and line-up of cuisine offered definitely would make me recommend Red Baron Ribs and Steaks to every diner.

Referred to as another hole in the wall restaurant in the metro, Red Baron Ribs and Steaks would surely go a long way and who knows may be a household brand for steaks in the years to come. 

143 D. Tuazon corner Calamba Street,
Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Store hours: 9:00am to 9:30pm daily
Contact nos.: (02) 3545970 or 09054002138

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