Houses on stilts over clear waters were visible from afar. Our boatman maneuvered his craft and we passed by this small village to purchase some supplies and petrol. 

Commerce unfolded before our eyes as we wait for his order of business to finish.  Residents of all ages come to work and play in the waters.  Life depended on sea.  It was one panoramic landscape I had wanted to witness.

We were at Sitio Marabon of Balabac, Southern Palawan.

This part of Palawan is unknown in the tourist map.  But with just a fleeting glimpse of this town, reports on hostilities and poachers vanished.  It was a busy and peaceful community that we have witnessed.

Outrigger boats connected to each other forming like a bridge towards the floating market center made the scene unique in a certain way.  Definitely this area is not for tourists as nothing seems unusual with their daily routine but hard work that is truly commendable emanated the busy floating village.

I am not a swimmer, thus, with a boat which I surmise needs a lot of balancing, I stayed still at the center of the boat while Carla tried to get near the fish vendors and the locals. 

The fisher folks catch for the day were shown to us, of varied colors and species – the lobster was a standout of course. Some were peddled and others for home consumption. Our boatman even bought some allocated for our stay at Onuk Island

Balabac, Palawan is truly a paradise.  Aside from the pristine beaches and lush mountains, the bountiful harvest from the sea is indeed a blessing to this peaceful coastal community.  We were glad our boatman made us experience firsthand of what life is on stilts.

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