Quite controversial in so many ways is the island that we have visited next in Balabac, Palawan.  Hearing stories about Bugsuk Island made me recall the Hollywood film, Blood Diamond.  This is my fictional mind working, so never generalize the statement.

Contrary to stories heard, we docked in an island where a small community lives peacefully.  We were on a portion of the Bugsuk Island, where ripples of infinite white sand, pine trees, mangroves and a community relatively dependent on sea for a living complements.

A large hectare of the island of Bugsuk is owned by a private individual (which everyone knows) and that, it is likewise the home of the world’s largest producer of the most expensive and rarest pearls harvested in the Philippine seas – Jewelmer.  Thus, the pearl farm is not open to the public and entrance is definitely at own risk.

Docked at only a portion of the Bugsuk Island, Punta Sebaring effortlessly presented itself as a paradise and what more if it was literally the home of the pearls of the Orient Sea.

Unmindful of the scorching heat of the sun, we tried to explore the island on foot with the aim of reaching the vast sandbar that appears like a barren land. 

now you see me...

now you don't!
And then we stopped, walked back to the vantage where our boat was docked without knowing we have been attacked by the dreaded niknik (sand fleas/sand mites).  The last time I have been attacked was in a resort in Santa Ana Cagayan, where dead mangroves surround.  But the quest continues nevertheless.

We felt like owners (intruders actually) of the island as there were no other bystanders taking pictures and wandering like explorers except ourselves.  Locals were present merely watching our stints as they simultaneously do their routines.  Along the shore, we witnessed a fisherman placing bountiful seaweeds on poles and colorful fishes on a wooden tray for drying.

To quench our thirst, I continue my stroll towards the nearest sari-sari store to buy soda for the group and there I saw local residents in a drinking spree during midday.  This is how life in coastal community unfolds, truly refreshing with daily activities unnumbered.

After a few minutes, we hopped on the boat and were lead to the farther end of the island, the famed rippled sandbar, the photos depicted of Punta Sebaring in the World Wide Web.

It surely appears infinite and a barren land only that clear waters surround.  With no shade to depend on, we decided to end the short visit to this part of the Bugsuk Island.

Transients are welcome at the island and you may pitch tents as well near the shores (designated areas only) and with that, coordination shall be maintained at all times with the local government and some local residents, if you know one.

As there are no other images of the island of Bugsuk, Punta Sebaring represents a picture of what the whole of this coastal community is.  

Contact Person:  Lorna A. Gapilangco
Mobile:  +639175532845

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  1. How did you solve your sand flea attack? Thank you and would very much appreciate your answer as I am going to Palawan myself and was not aware of such things before since I am not much of a beach person..