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The skies have cleared and the moon was at its brightest and nearest to the Earth on one Sunday evening.  It was a rare natural phenomenon, “a supermoon”, as they call it and here we are in a hotel named after a moon Luna.

Coincidentally, the hotel’s name completed our share of the hyped supermoon experience.   It was an unexpected and last minute invitation as we were ready to leave the only heritage city in the Philippines with a heavy heart.

“We have here in Vigan the first and only museum hotel in the Philippines”, shared by travel blogger friend Edmar, as bottles of beer were consumed at a nearby convenience store near the Saint Paul Cathedral.  That was one of the random conversations during our supposed last night at the city.

For a number of times during the week we have been passing by the Hotel Luna and we never had the opportunity to step in and explore.  Then came our last day at Vigan, bags packed and ready to proceed to the bus terminal, when we decided to pay a visit and avail of the ‘no-entrance fee’ museum tour.

As soon as the door opens, the grandeur of the hotel revealed itself.  Art installations and paintings of Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and other local and national artists hangs on the corridors providing a grand welcome to every visitor.

made of brass, stainless steel, copper and bronze

the most delicate art installation made of chalk
Iron was assigned as our tour guide.  The guided tour was informative and fun at the same time.  After all paintings and art installations at the ground floor were explained, a grand staircase awaits leading to the next floor where valuable possessions of Juan Luna and other national artists are displayed.  Without necessarily delving into the details and history of the said paintings, as controversies and debates may arise, Hotel Luna without a doubt is not your ordinary hotel.  Nowhere can you find a place to stay where interior is of cultural and historical value.  A warning for ‘alcohol-contaminated’ guests that caution must be exercised at all times as an unnecessary move might cause involuntary diminution of bank account/s.  

our guide, Iron

We were ushered to the Executive Suite of the hotel as part of the tour and it was really grand - fit for royalties.  With the colonial artistry blending with modern style, arts and comfort indeed goes hand in hand at Hotel Luna.  (click here to check rates)

the spacious bathroom

For a group of five, we were checked-in at a Loft Suite which comes with a complimentary breakfast for each.  

the Loft Suite


bed for two

bath tub 
But before the breakfast meal, what transpired during the night makes the stay at Hotel Luna memorable as well.  Chilling at the roofdeck bar of the hotel, known as the Azotea, the cold breeze of the wind under the supermoon’s flaunting brightness was a priceless moment.  And of course, the night can’t just end without a session over Ilokano basi (sugarcane wine).

the Azotea

Morning came.  

diet for breakfast
After the sumptuous breakfast buffet, we plunged into the swimming pool and stayed for a number of hours in the area until check-out time came.  

The swimming pool is next to the Comedor, where breakfast buffet is served.  The Comedor is an elegant dining hall with chandeliers and contemporary art pieces, enhancing the luxurious appeal of an accommodation to Hotel Luna.

Another interesting feature of the hotel is the Chula Saloon Bar which is situated near the entrance of the hotel.  The bar is an artwork in itself as the interior is adorned by bronze sculptures and art pieces that can make guests at awe.


Chula Saloon Bar
Hotel Luna, being equipped with all the amenities and facilities of a luxurious stay, akin to the supermoon phenomenon, is a rare opportunity and not all are privileged to experience.

Luna Street, 2300 Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Phone: (02) 373 3333

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