En route to Metro Manila, laughter and never-ending exchange of imaginative stories filled the trip.  And to even provide a pleasant parting surprise, the skies turned in hues of orange as the sun sets on one Sunday afternoon along with a sighting of a majestic cloud formation which only science can explain.

That was the end of our Caliraya, Laguna weekend getaway.  A two-day adventure and fun with travel blogger friends. 

Where it all started?  On an early Saturday morning at HM Transport Terminal, Cubao Station, Quezon City, bound for Caliraya Springs at the Mountain Lake Resort of Laguna.

Travel time is an approximate of two and a half hours (2 ½ hours) on board a Sta. Cruz bound bus - alight at Pagsanjan, then charter a tricycle towards the guard house of Caliraya Springs, where in our case, the resort’s shuttle van picked us up in a matter of minutes from arrival.


Standing on a vast green field, an old building sits at the center with parked bicycles on the front yard and a minimal interior design, so minimal that I felt like visiting an old residential house of a hacienda (estate).

We were welcomed and ushered to the function rooms of the clubhouse as we enter the hallway with huge pillars.  The breakfast set was the perfect way to start our day and everyone loved the sizzling pork sisig. 

As the first activity for the day, duck feeding was on the list.  It was fun watching them eat in group and synchronized movements for that matter and like in any other large crowd, a smaller circle is formed.  In the case of the ducks, the white-feathered ones don’t mingle with the black ducks.  As our group gets near the feeding area, the white ducks gathered together near us while the black ducks moved to another vantage point in a synchronized manner.  Are they that shy?

follow the leader!

where is Lakad Pilipinas?
Then, we moved to the Residence Hotel, situated at the basement of the clubhouse.   


The Golf and Country Club is truly scenic and noticeable is the fact that majority of its clients are Koreans.  Most of them make an overnight stay at the clubhouse.  And there are twenty one fully-furnished rooms available, equipped with the necessary amenities and facilities, after a day of fun and adventure. (click to check rates)

Twin sharing

Family Suite
For an even more relaxing stay, sauna, jacuzzi and massage rooms are likewise available at the said hotel.  We did not stay at the said rooms, as we will be communing with nature for this weekend getaway; thus, off we went to our camp base – the Marina.


The vast hectare of land showed an obstacle course set-up, a swimming pool, jet skis, docking area and aligned huts.  We were assigned on two native huts for a group of nine.

A clean and spacious compound of shower room and toilet is built at the back of the huts – our transient abode for this weekend.

Apt for the name of the place, activities related with water comes in next.  We hopped on a speed boat and did the cruise on the lake.  It was a breeze and I don’t have any intention of swimming on it, thus, the view and the fresh air was the treat.

Afterwards, we went fishing for dory.  The calmness of the lagoon provided a laidback moment for us and we were told whatever is caught in this activity will be our dinner.

Patience is really a virtue and I had the least in the group.  I immediately gave up as no fish came into my sight near the gazebo where I was standing with my fishing rod in tow.  While others tried their best for hours, I just sat down, breathe fresh air, enjoyed the scenery and chit-chat. Set-up a hammock and I will truly snore and doze off.  Now, where’s the bottle of beer?  I reckon beer and fishing will truly complement and I would have extended my patience with a fishing rod on one hand.

The Dory Fishing Village would truly be a haven for fishing enthusiasts.

And before the sun sets for the day, I found myself in the swimming pool.

What’s the next part of the program? Beer-drinking over a bonfire.  The moon would peek at times over the thick clouds as we gather in semi-circle and share stories of all sorts.  It started to drizzle after an hour and so we moved to the karaoke bar where dinner was served, drinking session commenced and the hidden talent of every member of the circle was unleashed. (was it truly hidden?)

The resort’s staffs were really accommodating and for being there even in the wee hours of the morning until we declare ceasefire (on drinking) was truly commendable.

Waking up early the next day posed as the biggest challenge for me.  But a lot of activities are in store for us.  My biggest apologies for being the last to arrive at the shuttle van as I drag myself in fleeting air.  As they say, the show must go on!

We went back to the clubhouse for breakfast and afterwards were directed to the front yard where the golf carts are waiting.

What makes this golf course at Caliraya Springs different from the rest is the fact that it is situated amidst a scenic lake and the famed Mount Banahaw in view.  The 18-hole golf course was designed by renowned golf legend and course designer Arnold Palmer. 

The uphill and downhill terrains on board the golf cart as we move from one course to another remedied my ‘morning sickness’ (???) – Terrible hangover to be exact.

the complete cast of travel bloggers
Sans the proper attire, we had our share of playing golf.  Wearing slippers, I look like I was just asked by my mother to buy something for her on a nearby sari-sari store.

The experience was indeed fun.


Bikes are available at the clubhouse to stroll around the vicinity.  And for an even more challenging outdoor activity, we head back to the Marina for the zipline, hanging bridge and the obstacle course.

The obstacle course is definitely a fun activity for group retreats.  As I am not in the mood to participate on such outdoor activities, I was contented on seeing some in the group, struggle over the varied stunts while I document and drink beer on one side with other bloggers.  What mood? (hahahaha)  Fine, I don’t want to stress myself and that’s the real reason.




For company outings and school retreats, the course is highly recommended for energetic and adventurous souls out there.

Even in isolation from the nearby civilization as we are in the mountains to begin with, only that a lake is in view, we never craved for other foods.  Everything served at Caliraya Springs is truly a gastronomic treat.

the chef

There are even times that we get surprise meals but who are we to decline such an offer.  A pampered stay indeed while we enjoy the scenic landscape of the Caliraya Springs.

sizzling pork sisig

Grilled Dory with Bonito/Unagi sauce

Crispy Pata
The weekend at Caliraya Springs was truly a perfect package for what a getaway should be defined.  Anyone looking for a peaceful retreat, Caliraya Springs could be the answer to your stressful life.

Address:  Brgy. East Talaongan, Cavinti, Lumban, Philippines 

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  1. i had fun during this trip.

    lalakas nyo mang-asar! hahaha

  2. Mukang masaya dito ah. Mapuntahan nga this weekend. Thanks for sharing! Hahaha

  3. Thanks for sharing this. We're planning to go there on October

  4. Traveling is a privilege not everyone is lucky enough to experience. But to travel with fellow bloggers just takes it to another level. How many hectares does the place have? It seems so big!