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With Palawan’s topography and geographical detail, island hopping is a default activity for any visitor of the province.  Puerto Princesa City itself may be less known for the nearby beaches, but it has islands that span the Honda Bay worthy of visit.

The Honda Bay is situated on the eastern shore of Palawan.  Though there are several islands in the Honda Bay, only a few are open to the public.  Tour operations for the Honda Bay are well-organized.  Upon reaching the booth, the tour operator inquires as to what specific islands the group would like to wander, as rates do vary depending on island hopping preference.

In our case, we opted for the tour package which consists of: Pambato Reef, Starfish Island and Cowrie Island.


This is not an island.

A floating cottage with a sea turtle replica prominently serving as the roof was out first stop.  It is a snorkeling area.  I just sat on the boat as my travel buddies snorkel and discover the coral reefs and the marine life.  Safety precaution is of prime importance, thus, every swimmer is required to put on their life vests.


starfish at Starfish Island
It was near lunchtime when we moved to our next destination – the Starfish Island.  As the name of the island suggests, aside from starfish, a mainstay in the island, there are statues of known celebrities, part of its landscape as well.

let's hide under the shade of this tree

stroll at the island's sandbar
Almost every guest was having their lunch then and the smoke from the grilling stations fill a portion of the island where cottages are situated.  But we opted to reserve our hunger and have our meals served on a buffet at the next destination.

The beach has clear waters and a sand bar worthy of stroll despite the scorching heat of the sun.  Without diving and swimming on deep waters, the nearby shores harbor corals with a school of fish boasting its existence.

Starfish Island landscape


the Cowrie Island
A number of visitors line up to have their pictures taken at a signboard right at the very shore where our boat docked. It reads Cowrie Island.

Since buffet ends at two in the afternoon, this island becomes the last stop, which was the case for our group.  A number of tourists stayed at the island during that afternoon.  It actually appears an ordinary beach for me where water sports/activities are likewise provided and that fish feeding is strictly prohibited.

it's a feast!

lunch time it is...
What to do after a buffet lunch besides the usual swim?  Drinking session it is after the clear skies transformed into a gloomy one.

Before the sun sets, we decided to end the island hopping at the Honda Bay and took a nap at the boat en route to the mainland.

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  1. Natuloy ka pala sa Honda Bay Tour :D Nagawa mo rin ba yung sa Underground River? Astig yang Pambato Reef hehe :D

  2. Hindi nako nag underground. Kulang sa oras. Maybe next time. Hehe ung pambato d ako nag snorkel sila carla at christian lang. Haha nsa bangka lang ako