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While the Philippines is always introduced as an archipelago comprising of 7,107 islands, regardless of whether it's high tide or low tide, beaches in the country is innumerable.  But unspoiled ones are indeed hard to find.  To describe a beach as pristine has been a mind-numbing exercise bordering to ignorance of what the word really means.  

In the province of Camarines Norte, Tinaga Island harbors a paradise that can give justice to what a pristine beach should be defined - in its perfect and unspoiled condition - and that is the Mahabang Buhangin popularly known as the Calaguas Beach.

The netizens and the social network vampires and addicts have spoken and declared with conviction that Calaguas is their "happy beach".  Inasmuch as I want to further investigate and validate their claim as to what happy beach means, I have to accede and provide my own five (5) insights why Calaguas will put up a smile in everyone's face.

1.  The long stretch of the beach has powdery white sand with no crushed corals and pebbles.

A beach is almost always remembered on the quality of its sands as it touches every restless feet.  And what makes Calaguas different from other beach destinations in the country is the powdery white sand with no traces of crushed corals and pebbles that span a vast shoreline.

2.  The perfect mixture of azure and green waters are so cold that one can imagine bathing in a huge swimming pool.

Despite the high-temperature and prone to sun burn adventure weather, immersing one's self in the cool waters of Calaguas is akin to bathing in a huge swimming pool where water is super cold that you tend to lost count of the minutes you where submerged and the predicaments of burning our skin and countless application of whitening lotions, soaps and all sorts are gone into oblivion.

3.  An authentic camping experience can be obtained.

Despite the presence of rented huts (PhP500.00 per hut per day), one can set up tents to a more intimate communion with nature and obtain that authentic camping experience one longs for.  Aside from the picturesque landscape that surrounds the transient abodes in the form of tents, what makes camping distinct in Calaguas is the fact that it caters to various "levels" of campers.  Levels in my vocabulary would mean ranging from the demanding/bossy type to hardcore campers.    

There are locals willing to assist the demanding types for all their needs.  For how much?  They don't impose any, it depends on the benevolence of one's heart.  Starting from pitching tents, cooking, down to fetching water for a bathe, locals are there to assist you.

makeshift restrooms

For hardcore campers, you will be left with your own business and assistance from locals becomes an option as you can set up anywhere and cook food on your own.

In our case, I'd say we were in between, commencing from the purchase of supplies on our own at the Paracale Public Market yet commingled with the assistance from time to time with locals on some of our needs while at the long beach.

4.  A breath-taking sunset awaits every sojourner of the beach.

5.  The various constellations, planets and the moon lit up the skies.

Drinking sprees and gatherings at night over a bonfire is even more memorable when the sky is lit up by various constellations, identified planets and the natural light of the crescent moon.  This is what we have experienced in our Calaguas trip one weekend.

One must be prepared however of the long journey to take towards Calaguas Island before a happy face could be painted like anyone else claims who have been there.  Routes, method of transportation and fares rundown below:

Manila to Paracale (8-9 hours) - PhP515.00   via Superlines Bus
Paracale to Calaguas to Paracale (2 hours per way) - PhP5,000.00 2 way (chartered boat)
Paracale to Manila (8-9 hours) - PhP515.00 via Superlines Bus

The waves can be rough at times, thus, it is essential to be aware of the weather condition for the safety and convenience of every sojourner.  Summer months are the best months to traverse the waters as shared by the locals as well.  Thus, expect the weekends of the summer months to be full of campers.

Calaguas is truly something.  Breath-taking, scenic and rejuvenating all day.

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  1. Really one of the best beaches there is...
    Cant say so for snorkeling up the beach front.
    But this place is both scenic sunrise to sundown

  2. Julius,one day, I would love to have the chance to travel with you, with my husband tagging along of course, hehehehe. I can imagine all the beautiful places you've been to and unveiling its secrets to share with your readers.

  3. Ang ganda talaga ng Calaguas. Will be going back. =)

    By the way, there are corals, pero sa dulo pa. It's also nice to look at them. Pag high tide, puwedeng magsnorkel.

  4. One of my favorite beach pa rin ang Calaguas kahit ang dami ng developments. The shoreline is just far beyond compare and that you won't even feel a single stone or coral even if you are few meters far into the sea :)

  5. my favorite beach of all time! truly amazing waves! great experience ever.