The sounds produced by the rushing streams, chirping birds and enthusiastic locals as well as visitors prevalently occupies the beautifully crafted enclosed waterfalls of Tinago, Biliran.

Situated at the heart of Caibiran rain forest, the cascade of water falling from an elevation makes a perfect treat for whatever season of the year.  During the old times, the road leading to the Tinago falls was dusty and wearisome, posing as a challenge to visitors, thus, the name Tinago (meaning hidden).  Today, emerging as one of the top tourist attractions of the province of Biliran, concrete pavements and farm to market roads have greatly been developed, making the said destination accessible to all.

The lush green rainforest, boulders, playful locals and the stunning waterfalls surround the cold pool of water. Despite the gloomy weather at Tacloban City, the province of Biliran provided us a perfect summer getaway and a refreshment from the too hot temperature of Metro Manila.  As soon as we arrived at the Tinago Falls Leisure Park, we all took a dip and immersed on the cold waters of the falls.

The depth of the water near the falls is unknown, thus, not recommended for children and non-swimmers. Safety should always be of prime importance in every trip to a new destination.  However, aside from the picturesque landscape of the waterfalls, swimming can still be enjoyed by anyone even non-swimmers.  The falls is divided through boulders and the lowest part of the stream can be enjoyed by the whole family with swimming gears in tow for extra caution.

The Tinago Falls Leisure Park is also a recommended place for picnics and small gatherings of families and friends.  A long bench is provided at the main entrance area where visitors can treat themselves at the landscape while eating, chatting and even drinking.

Despite the time constraints in this trip, we did enjoy the discovery of a hidden falls in the rain forest of Caibiran, Biliran.  Contrary to its name, like any other falls in the Philippines named as such, it no longer literally means Tinago.

The Tinago Falls is situated at Brgy. Cabibihan, Biliran, which can be reached by land transport approximately 30-40 minutes ride from Naval and a two to two and a half hours from Tacloban City, Leyte.

Entrance fee is PhP10.00 per head for adults and PhP5.00 for minors.

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