Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino located at Lahug is a four-star hotel situated right at the center of the Queen City of the South.  From a distance, it resembles a castle of an imposing structure welcoming all guests of the province.  And all guests are to each it own, a part of the royal family.

And here we are to stay for three days with my family.  Thanks PAGCOR for the opportunity.

Waterfront is one of the hotels in Cebu City which I consider my second home.  On the recent holidays, my family were assigned on a suite room, spacious enough to accommodate our large group.  Rooms are well-lit and ventilated that comfort and good value for money is the end result.  Although, we were accommodated free of charge courtesy of a former PAGCOR official, a family friend of ours.

Most of the rooms where I stayed at during my stays in Cebu would provide me a panoramic view of the City of Cebu, the unique skyline and the busy streets there is.  

The hotel is likewise situated near the I.T. Park of the city where drinking sprees are set and bars are as lively as the morning rush. 

With the newly refurbished Waterfront Hotel in Cebu, the hotel houses various bars and lounges that caters to varied personalities of tourists and guests, ranging from wine lovers to beer tasters and self-confessed connoisseurs.  Complete amenities as well is provided by the hotel which includes a gym, swimming pool and even a duty-free store.

The hotel's interior likewise produces a conducive vibe for a staycation that would truly make you feel you're just staying in another rest house.  The ceilings of the hotel lobby depicts the rich culture and history of the country with wall papers making reference to the voyage of Magellan around the world and the discovery of the Philippines.  At night, guests are serenaded through varied love songs soothing to the ears of every guest that enters the hotel.

Typical for any stay in a hotel, a complementary buffet breakfast is in store which is a welcome treat for every guest as there are basically a lot of dishes to choose from, ranging from oriental and Filipino cuisine.

With the several stays I had in Waterfront, they have not failed me and in fact have continuously amused me, as each visit is a unique experience.  No experience is the same and so expect me to write stories of my varied stay at Waterfront from time to time.

Location:  Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City

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