There are stories behind the mists and mysteries that hovers on the City of Pines.  Baguio City is not only a place for food lovers, honeymooners, and curious travelers but for thrill seekers and ghost hunters as well. And when it comes to ghost stories, validated or not, the Laperal White House along the Leonard Wood Road near the Teacher's Village has its share in the world of paranormal and clairvoyance.

When the temperature abruptly dropped and caused each visitor of the city's bones to shiver and for crops to froze, I, along with Gay of Pinay Travel Junkie and Melo of OutofTown Blog were given the opportunity to visit the "curiosity-magnet" house of Laperal.  Haunted as its aura reflects, yet now a home to a unique and intricate bamboo crafts and artworks.

History of the Laperal White House

This imposing Victorian house dates back its existence in the year 1920, when the Philippines was under the American regime and the house has been tagged as one of the best of American colonial architecture of the country.  It was the home of the Laperal family, one of the oldest clans in Baguio headed by Don Roberto with wife Dona Victorina.

At the height of World War II, the Japanese soldiers inflicted violence and tortured the members of the household.  Don Roberto survived the war yet died only due to accidental slip and fall to his death from the stairs in front of the house.

The house withstood all the natural and man-made calamities.  And with the relatively the same materials as its origin, stories that haunts the neighborhood and supposed apparition traversed from one generation to another.


Years ago, the Laperal White House was closed to the public.  Thus, curiosity has been instilled on all locals and tourists in transit on the validity of the so-called ghost stories.  Now, with an admission fee of 50.00 pesos, one can wander in the vicinity without a tour guide and feel the stories of each room come alive.

Melo opened the doors of each room as I and Gay were at his back ready to enter and feel the unseen residents of the house.  But no one appeared.  I have always wanted to roam around Baguio City and visit all the haunted houses that the city is known for.  Luckily, this visit to the Laperal White House is a tick off my bucket list and that, upon entering each room I honestly felt something or someone is watching us and an instant feeling of sorrow and despair, unexplained at that, instantly injects the pulse and veins of my heart.  But maybe it's just my wild imagination and my fondness of horror movies.

master's bedroom

There were stories from locals and passers-by of the road imparting sightings of a kid in front of the stairways of the house.  The kid is said to be the grandchild of the owner and was used to cross the road with her nanny to play with other kids in the neighborhood.  Until one day, the child met a car accident when she suddenly ran across the road when she saw her nanny talking to their neighbor across the house.

travel bloggers with Mr. Edgardo Manda, President of Philippine Bamboo Foundation. Inc at the front stairways of the house where sightings of the child appears

Another constant story of the house is the appearance of a woman peeking at the window of the third floor, believed to be the nanny who was killed on the said room.  Thus, an obligatory visit to the room was made, as seen below.

Bamboo Art Exhibit

The Laperal White House is currently owned by business tycoon, Lucio Tan, which is now open to the public.  The ground floor is now a gallery of bamboo crafts and works which aim is to increase public awareness in the importance of bamboo in the preservation of arts and culture of the Cordilleras, prevention of landslides and pollution control.  This Ifugao Bamboo Carving Gallery is a joint project of the Philippine Bamboo Foundation Inc. and the Tan Yan Kee Foundation.

We were greeted by the President of the Philippine Bamboo Foundation Inc., Mr. Edgardo Manda, upon arrival at the Laperal House.  Initially, my expectations were set to experience dark tourism on broad daylight, but I was surprised that the house has turned into a gallery of remarkable and export-worthy designs of bamboo arts crafts and installations.

Mr. Manda has shown to us the various art installations and carvings which prices ranges from 4,000 pesos as minimum to 65,000 pesos.  Is it reasonable?  I'd say yes.  With the intricate carvings and world-class designs, collectors of bamboo arts and even an ordinary art enthusiast would definitely be ashamed of asking for a bargain price.

Definitely, with the overhaul that the new owner of the house has imprinted, the house would no longer be just perfect during Halloween but for all days of the year.  The structure would not stood the test of time for nothing.

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  1. I consider Baguio as my second home because my sister lived and studied there and I have worked there before as well. But I have never visited Laperal House so I kinda' regret now what I have missed specially that the place has been refurbished. Nevertheless, I would probably visit this place the next time I go up strawberryland :)

    1. Good to go there now oman as you won't just be scarying yourself but it's quite educational as well. Hehe