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Bantayan is an island located at the northern tip of the Province of Cebu where there lies this equally panoramic paradise, the alter ego of the known Boracay Island of a silent type version.

More than just these resorts and panoramic seascape, we had the opportunity to be able to roam around the town of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, owing to the failed account of foreseeing the amount of cash on hand.  We came from Malapascua Island then and off we chartered a motorized canoe that will take us to Bantayan Island.  

We fell short of cash on hand and so we searched for Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) at the town proper but to our dismay, the town has only one ATM and it was offline.  Thus, we have to wait for someone to wire money through a wire transfer facility.  While waiting for the money, we wandered on the town proper and these are the things one should not miss while at the island.


The town of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island is known as the fishing ground of the Province of Cebu.  For those who are into discovering every town's delicacies, surely the public market is one site one should not miss.  The town is known for boneless danggit and other dried fish.  Being the source of nearby islands and municipalities, the cheapest dried fish can be bought at the Bantayan Island Public Market.


This five century-old structure facing the town plaza is a must visit in the island of Bantayan.  As a witness to the grand history of the province,  this historical church that stood at the center of the town is likewise noted as one of the oldest churches in the country. 

This architectural landmark is made of corals and stones endemic to Bantayan Island.  Thus, apart from being a place for worship and spiritual activities, this has been marked as part of every travelers itinerary, an inevitable and involuntary tourist attraction.

As I looked at its interiors, it appears that it has definitely stood for centuries, but what is more disturbing is the green moss/algae involuntarily carved on the interiors.  The church definitely needs attention and maintenance from its patrons.

look at the walls: carved are the algae inhabiting the church as well


For wanderers and locals alike, the town plaza serves as a rendezvous and a place for relaxation.  There are several activities that can be indulged at the town plaza, such as but not limited to biking, jogging, basketball and related sports activities.  Peddlers are likewise a mainstay at the town plaza making rural life a pleasant treat to the eyes.

a view of the town plaza from the entrance of the church


Looking for rural living and a simple life?  The Island of Bantayan is the perfect choice.  Structures of  centuries old were all well-maintained even for commercial establishments.  The modern skycrapers and even modernized architectural designs of buildings is definitely not a part of the town's facade.


A visit to the island of Bantayan would definitely not be complete without experiencing the powdery white sand and the long stretch of beach that it offers.  The Sugar Beach is one of the resorts that is open to the public.  Since it was a weekend, we expected a lot of visitors at the beach. 

We had an overnight stay at the Sugar Beach.  Visitors can likewise pitch tents near the shores for a more intimate contact with nature.  The resort is likewise a perfect place to bond with friends as there are no restaurants, bars and live music to disturb the tranquility of the night.

The waters are so clear and inviting that I stayed for almost half a day swimming the following day.  Thus, the inevitable sunburn, which to date makes the experience the worst sunburn I had.


For photography enthusiasts who wants to capture the life of fishermen and the local children, the island of Bantayan is a good place to visit.

Life's simplicity is a priceless treat one can enjoy while people watching and enjoying the view of the waters of Bantayan Island.

Fishing is the main source of livelihood in Bantayan Island.  An unassuming community that is now making its mark as one of the best beaches in the Philippines.  It is just my fervent hope that the tranquility and serenity of the community sans the increasing number of visitors would not be drastically changed towards commercialization.

I will definitely be back for a more intimate discovery of the island.

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  1. Lagi nasa metroseal to pero never kop matry n pumunta dyan , nagcrave ako sa daing shet

    1. hahaha masarap nga daing nila d gaano maalat. hehe punta na! hehe

  2. Nice post. Sana makapunta di ako dito soon. :)

    1. isched na yan. hehe gsto ko ngang bumalik din kac kulang ang overnight dami pang dapat idiscover kasama mga caves. hehe

  3. ugh! gusto ko na mag-beach ngayon na!

    yummy yung puro bones na daing na yun. hihi

    1. hahaha! tara beach na. hehe d ko natikman ung puro buto na daing na yan pero mukhang masarap naman cguro tapos ibabad sa suka. haist. sarap! haha

  4. Siguro galing dyan yung mga binebenta sa cebu city at malanang mas mura dyan ang mga dried fish... arggg gusto ko pumunta dyan!!!

    1. hi jherson! thanks for dropping by! yup sabi nga galing daw dito mga binenbenta sa cebu at parts ng samar kaya sobrang mura nya. hehe see you on the road! text nyo ko kng my mga lakad kayo. hehe

  5. I love the laid back feel of the place. Feels like a good place to wander solo :)

  6. I've been here before when I was still in high school, and I want to visit this island once again and swim on its beautiful beaches! :)