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Nothing is permanent in this world except change.  This famous adage, cliche as it may sound is a statement we all are inevitably bound.  People come and people go, and so is our climate.

at Porta Vega Beach Resort, Dimasalang, Masbate (May 12, 2013)
Every affair will always come to an end.  With my 2013 summer affair, memories were built and adventures unfold which made me discover more of what my beloved country has to offer.  This is also the season where I was able to share my passion on travelling to the world through the re-birth of this travel blog of mine and consequently changed my perspective on traveling.  I was blessed to have been accepted by the world wide web audience in a 17,000 page views to date in a matter of two months.  A lot of things happened, both in my career and personal life.  The season was a transition period for me, a time to reflect and a time to acknowledge the realities of life.  Transient as the season may be, but I call this my ETERNAL SUMMER.

While writing this entry, dark clouds began to fill the skies, as a sign that rainy days are here and that summer would officially come to an end.  

In a retrospect, it all began in March 2013.  The Philippines experienced the highest recording temperature.  The scorching heat of the sun was unbearable.  It was then a sign to wander and visit off-the beaten tracks of beaches, islands, coves, mountains and attend Philippine festivals not known to many.  It was a niche in blogging that I aim to achieve, to discover the undiscovered and humbly share the experience to the world.

March 2013

It was my first to be able to travel on long hours via bus.  Off we went to the Province of Cagayan, to visit the rumored venue for the 2013 reality-TV show Survivor USA - PALAUI ISLAND


Then, the further exploration of the Province of Cagayan at CROCODILE ISLAND, APARRI, and CALLAO CAVES OF PENABLANCA.

crocodile island

Then, the lenten celebration came.  With the mother of all festivals and the oldest one in the country, I was blessed to have witnessed the MORIONES FESTIVAL.  Also, we were able to meet the kind people of Marinduque, which even now remained as our friends and constant contacts.  Their hospitality is beyond the usual.  Staying at Marinduque, also made me discover the islands of MANIWAYA, and MOMPONG as well as the colonial-heritage town of BOAC. 

April 2013

Then, the month of April came, where as a part of my firsts in traveling- I joined an online community of travelers with the simple cause of showing the world how beautiful and worthy of visit our country is.  I visited the town of LILIW LAGUNA, which honestly is a town unknown for me until I learned that the TSINELAS FESTIVAL is celebrated in this quaint town.

May 2013

Then, the final month for Summer 2013 was a travel of randoms, unplanned yet full of memories to last for a lifetime.

Dasol, Pangasinan

In search for off-the-beaten tracks, I was lead to Dasol Pangasinan.  Unfortunately, my memory card crashed and all photos were deleted and can no longer be retrieved.  The photo above was the lone photo taken from my smart phone.  Even without the tangible souvenirs and photos, the memories at the beach and the experience shall be eternal.

Another random trip for the month is a visit to Calatagan, Batangas at BUROT BEACH.

Just when I was about to end all summer escapades for a work assignment in Masbate for the elections, this destiny of mine of discovering new things found my wandering slippers at PORTA VEGA BEACH RESORT.

Summer means different things for varied personalities and social status.  For me, this was the time of reinventing myself. 

Like the fading of the sun on the horizon, the seasons end connotes different emotions to all.  For some, all sunsets are the same, it all depends on who you are with when witnessing the same.  But still for some,  it is the time when we bid farewell to another day with the hope of a new tomorrow.

For you, what is summer?

This is my entry to the May 2013 Pinoy Travel Blogger's Carnival hosted by Jona Branzuela Bering of with the theme "Summer".

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  1. WOW!!! quite a busy summer ah?! na miss ko bigla ang Palaui island! Dasol looks interesting! Hope to visit it soon!

    1. hehe! same with you sir! hope to travel with you din. babalikan ko ang dasol specifically tambobong beach for blog purposes. hehehe

  2. super love your pictures!!!great blog post.kakainspire magsulat!

  3. Wow! Pudpod tsinelas mo this summer!

  4. great summer! considering the good weather all throughout your trips :)

  5. I bet Palaui will transform big time after the Survivor show will air like what happened in Caramoan. Well, that was really a good summer and the Liliw event must have been you favorite :D

    1. hehe. i just hope the raw beauty of Palaui remains and less man made structures will be built. definitely the influx of tourists will increase in 2014. u too had a great summer, i read your entry. hehe Liliw Laguna will be special to me somehow. hehd

      thanks very much for dropping by!

  6. nice. you sure did picked some of the nicest islands of which i too like. summer comes in a very short time and with so many islands and beaches to explore, we are limited to choosing few.

    thanks for dropping by eskapo.

    1. thanks very much sir dong for dropping by! you are one of my inspirations in travel.blogging as the travel expert. hehe

  7. once the travel bug bit you, your priorities will change. saka na ang batas, saka na ang trabaho, lakwatsa muna hehe.