Tribu Bungkaras - Grand Champion for Pintados

29 June 2013. -  The continuous heavy downpour of rain filled the much-awaited day of my visit to my hometown, Tacloban City, Leyte.  I came home for some family affairs to attend to with the bonus that it's in time for the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival.  The night before, I was partying with my friends until the wee hours of the morning as if it's the end of the world and everyone at the Leyte Park Resort and the nearby restobars for street parties were wasted.  It was one of the best drinking sprees I had in my entire life.  Nevertheless, I had an early schedule for the intended street dance competition and my senses have to be awakened from a supposed to be deep slumber but I have to succumb.  

Unfortunately, the province of Leyte was placed under signal no. 2 as Typhoon Gorio made its presence known.  Thus, the organizers of the festival deem it fit to cancel the street dance competition scheduled on the morning of that day.  Thus, this means I have to lengthen my time for a deep slumber.

The much awaited ritual presentation however of the Pintados-Kasadyaan contingents pushed through in the afternoon.  And it was the best decision the organizers did.

Years ago, my vivid memories of the Pintados Festival would lead me to reminisce on the times when you have to hide from the merry makers of the street parade for fear of being painted randomly without regard to the color of your shirt.  If the San Juan fiesta is for random pour of water, then the Pintados Festival is for paints.  Back then, if you were just a spectator and wearing a white shirt, then you have to hide from all your might or you'll feel sorry for your self.  However, the said practice has been removed from the festival parade and somehow I actually missed it.  According to my friends, the same has been inexistent for quite a long time since I left Tacloban City.

Things may have changed but this one is definitely for the better.  Celebrating its 27th year as a festival, I was fortunate together with my friend Jaja, to have been given VIP passes for the ritual presentation at the Grandstand through a good friend of mine, Ms. May Petilla-Militante who was one of the emcees for the 2013 Pintados-Kasadyaan Ritual Presentation.  It was an awesome experience!  As a spectator and coming back to the province after several years for the fiesta, it made me proud of where I came from.

The celebration of the Pintados Festival is inspired by the tattooed warriors in early Visayas, a mark of bravery and aesthetics.

Although there's something lacking for the contingents of the Pintados ritual presentation, I must say commendation is in order for the hard work and well-rehearsed routines that put up a great show to the many spectators who braved the rains in order to witness the event.

The Kasadyaan Ritual Presentation is beyond the usual and I must say, it's world class and indeed competitive.  Thus, to my mind, the Pintados seems to be a front act of the much awaited show.  Nevertheless,  the following were declared the winners of the Pintados ritual presentation:

Barangay Sagkahan, Tacloban City
Third Place

Barangay San Jose, Tacloban City
Second Place

Barangay San Roque, Tolosa, Leyte
Grand Champion


Other contingents of the Pintados ritual presentation:








With varied sources of livelihood, the Pintados ritual presentation were all mainly themed on the intervention of Santo Nino at the outbreak of famine and disaster.

This religious-cultural presentation is truly of mark of Filipino ingenuity and a showcase of the best talents the Eastern Visayas have.

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