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taken at the Gluttons Bay
Proudly Filipino.  Anywhere in the world, expect Filipinos to make their own names and excel in whatever endeavor they are into.  The primary photo above is just one of the many testimonies to prove Filipino excellence even in Singaporean cuisine, that is characterized by the ethnic diversity of Singaporean culture.  Unfortunately, the roasted chicken was unavailable during my visit at the Gluttons Bay and so I have to go back to Singapore to try it the next time around.


I definitely love prawns but this is my first time to try this one coated in cereals and egg yolk.  My friend who works in Singapore insisted that we try this one since this is one of the main dishes offered in every restaurant in the city.  And it did not disappoint.  It has became a staple dish to order on every meal.


One particular chicken rice which I loved is the one served at Novena, Singapore in a restaurant named Wee Nam Kee.  It is highly recommended for tourists.

According to my readings, the Hainanese chicken rice, though of chinese origin is oftentimes referred to as the national dish of Singapore.  The prevalence of stalls and food courts offering such dish made this dish a must try for overseas tourists.

For seafood lovers, Singapore would definitely not fail you.  There are a variety of seafoods to choose from cooked to suit the varied taste buds and preferences of tourists.  While we were in a food stall in Novena, we ordered crab as main course and while eating, we were joined by Filipinos to share the table with us and in the course of conversation informed us that there is a restaurant in Clarke Quay named Jumbo Seafood Gallery which serves the best cooked crabs.  I now wonder how delicious it could be as we were already currently gastronomically satisfied with this cooked crab in a dish which name I forgot.

While on our way to Clarke Quay, we passed by restaurants with king crabs and lobsters on display.  And we saw the signage of Jumbo Seafood Gallery.  For time constraints, a visit would not be possible and so, we promised to be back the next time around to taste what the locals and permanent residents declare with conviction as the best served crabs.  

And of course, when you want to mingle with other tourists, fellow Filipinos and other permanent residents in Singapore, the Gluttons Bay is the answer.

Asian food culture and lifestyle is definitely an experience in this area.  Most of the vendors know how to speak Filipino and so ordering the food you want is convenient.

From the name itself, you definitely have to treat yourself to an excessive eating and drinking session with the best served culinary treats of your choice.  

we ordered most of our food here - reasonable price and friendly vendor who knows how to speak Filipino but Singaporean nationality

With the warm welcome we have experienced, thank you to Singapore!

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