If time is of the essence in a first world country, where would you go?

I was blessed to visit Singapore in three days though only a day allotted for a city tour.  Since this is the first visit for some of my good friends, we have to plan the tour in such a way that a glimpse of the notable landmarks of the city can be captured.

Walkathon with a simple cause of discovery is the name of the game.  In just a day, the following sites can be visited:

Visiting Singapore will never be complete without stepping foot on the Sentosa Island.  The island has already been developed since my last visit and it is where the Universal Studios of Singapore and the Resorts World Casino is located.  With the vast land area of the amusement center, there are a variety of activities to indulge at while in the said island.  

I have never been inside the Universal Studios and this is my 3rd visit to the country.

The skyscrapers and towering landmarks of Singapore is one of the things which makes this city known for.  The same is best viewed at the last floor of the Esplanade, where a lot of photography enthusiasts gather and position themselves for the best photos to be produced by the camera lenses. 


 Other notable streets to visit in Singapore:

Bugis at dusk

Orchard Road

Novena Church- Novena
Night life in Singapore is a great experience as well.

Who says you can't tour a great city in a day? With a willing feet and enthusiasm to discover, it can be done.

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