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taken while we were experiencing temporary turbulence
They say homecoming unites the past and present...I totally agree.  Two days before the year ends- I woke up at around 1PM and prepared for my luggage as I am about to travel again.  Realizing the strict policy of the airline which do not allow late passengers to be admitted for boarding despite the confirmed ticket especially on peak seasons such as this time, I felt a sudden adrenaline rush and immediately went out to look for a cab.  Adding to the tension, there were no taxi cabs available and the rain fell so hard.  I was telling myself at that moment: "by any means, I should go home!". 

My flight was scheduled at 1730PM.  Luckily, I made it on time at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 and was even given my preferred seat, the window seat.  For the year 2010, I will basically spend only two days in my hometown, Tacloban City, Leyte.

I was born and raised here in Tacloban City.  As a tribute to this highly urbanized city, where my childhood years were spent and dreams formed, I intended to delay the posting of all my travel blogs and share with you first the place that I consider my home. The estimated travel time is one hour and 15 minutes by plane.  Land transportation thru bus is also available but will take almost 24 hours of travel time.

aerial view of Tacloban City at night
This was my first time to travel at night back to Tacloban City and so I had the chance to experience an aerial view of the city with a display of the lights and a bonus on fireworks display.

While we were about to land at around 645PM, I was praying that the weather would favor the activities, reunions and coffee dates that were lined up for me.  Luck must have been by my side, as unlike in Manila, it was not raining in Tacloban City and so the journey begun. 

warm greetings from the Romualdez politicians
at the Daniel Z. Romualdez National Airport
Tacloban City has been proclaimed as a highly-urbanized city by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on October 4, 2008 and ratified by the people on December 18, 2008 .  Honestly, I have no idea why the city has been classified as such.  To my mind...that I have to discover.

According to my friends, a lot of things has changed in the city.  But I guess the influence of the Romualdez clan remains in the city and is visible on any part of it.  Thanks to the former President Marcos and its first lady, for the various noted architectural sites and well-developed infrastructures in the city, which shall be the subject of my upcoming blogs regarding the city.

For those travelers and tourists who arrives at the city at night, since historical sites and museums can be appreciated on daytime, various entertainment venues and restaurants are available, at your respective convenience and preferences. As for myself, we stayed at a coffee shop named Cafe Lucia, giving us a view of the Kankabato Bay, until it closed at around 2PM.  The Tacloban City Convention Center popularly known as the Tacloban City Astrodome is also near the place, where choices of restaurants and discotheques are also available.  Since we opted to stay in a coffee shop, we have to look for another venue, and to our surprise, there is the Dream Cafe at Del Pilar Street which is open for 24 hours. 

a view of the Kankabato Bay at night and the Tacloban City Astrodome

Cafe Lucia

cappucino at dream cafe
And so the year 2010 ends for the arms of the place I call home, Tacloban City, Leyte.

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