Life is indeed uncertain.  Just as we envisioned our calendar for the years to come to be filled with hectic flight itineraries and a number of social gatherings to attend to, the world has to drastically stop.

Without warnings and without plans.


The first quarter of 2020 was a game-changer for those in the spectrum who works full-time and wanders to the best of their might during the weekends and the holidays.  And I belong to that spectrum.  We were left with no choice but to adjust to the virtual life set – both business and leisure.


Life has to be in a confined space and we need to create ways on how to live by.

a view of Shanghai, China's landmark from the window (2017)


Entertainment, recreation and even meetings came in virtual set-ups.  While the economic and social disruption caused by the global pandemic is deadly and devastating, our lives have to move on and adapt to the so-called “new normal”.  Cliché as it may sound but the best that we can do is to simply stop loitering and just stay at home when work arrangements permit us to do so.

Hualien, Taiwan (2017)


Traveling within the comforts of our home became possible.   A plethora of documentaries, series, reality tv shows, movies and even vlogs became my instant companion.  This made me keep the sanity that I need while public commute and a flight were almost nil. 

window seat view enroute to Machu Picchu, Peru (2019)


Hours of watching these shows have at times tempted me to book a flight wherever possible, but safety comes first and so I have to be contented on reminiscing the travels I had and do a sketch of continuous travel plans in mind once the international borders open.


Weekends were scheduled for organizing souvenirs, collectibles and framing travel mementos and photos.  The usual online activity of searching for the best flight and hotel deals was converted to creating photobooks and checking out the latest online games.


The virtual world during this time has been maximized.  I could now count the number of times I attended physical social gatherings.  

a portion of the ref magnet collection - through the years


Mobile phones have been a constant source of news, information and at times, the latest recreational activities.  After a series of scheduled virtual meetings and teleconferences, lounging with the mobile phone on hand while watching videos and playing downloaded mobile-app games has been a constant.


Before the pandemic and when not visiting important landmarks, I had fond memories of instances where I would play video games with my travel buddies as we loiter.  Today, everything needs to be mobile including video games. 

at a hostel in Hualien, Taiwan (2017)


We could only reminisce for now of the pre-pandemic travels and leisure activities, but fortunate for our generation unlike the pandemic years ago, we still get to do certain things at whim and comfort.  

a view from the hotel room at Sydney, Australia (2018)


The pandemic is not yet over but I continue to learn and study more technical skills online given the less social interactions.  For a vast majority, we just have to survive the virtual world we currently live in.


My personal circumstance may quite be different from you but one thing is certain, we are all envisioned to move forward and adapt virtually.  And for now, we can only peek at the windows of our room and dream that one day the virtual world we are currently in shall slowly be replaced by personal meet-ups and interactions.


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