In an almost repetitive and resonating question posed when travel enthusiasts gather, I always include Canada when asked what is your favorite country to have visited so far.  A number of friends who moved out of my home country, the Philippines, have attested that Canada is indeed one of the livable countries in the world, of whatever city it may be.

Although almost everyone would like to save money, there are many other reasons people consider certain cities for moves.  Canada is a vast country with some of the most varied populations in everything from density to culture, and this can make choosing where to move hard.


What's the best place to buy real estate in Canada?


The answer is complicated and may come in a variety of reasons.


For The Views


Canada is a gorgeous country with beautiful icy mountains, flowing streams, peaceful plains, and sandy shores.  Every step you take in this country is unique and new and gives you the chance to have new experiences.


The most beautiful places to buy real estate are directly on the water or nestled into a mountainous area.  You can have both of these options in British Columbia.  Whistler has mountains like nowhere else, summers that will make you feel like you're escaping, and winters that leave you eager to tuck cozily into a thick blanket.  It's not unusual for tourists to visit this cozy ski resort and realize they want to start looking at real estate for sale in Whistler.


On the other hand, Vancouver is a beach town regardless of how much sun it gets.  Resting above the open water, the views from every window and doorway are beautiful.  Mountains in the distance on one side, and open water on the other, leaves you in a perfect mix of locations.


For The History


Why not learn more about the country you’re in?  Canada has more to offer than just snow and maple syrup taffy!  Instead, please get to know the area by following through on what made it the country.  That means looking into the history of indigenous people of the first nations and looking at the spread of people and automation from the east coast to the west.  You can learn about a lot of this if you live in the Ottawa area!  Museums, educational tours, permanent historical markers, and rotating exhibits allow you to immerse yourself in the area's history.  There's no better way to learn about a country than to live where all of its big decisions are made.


I oftentimes include in my travel and even a consideration for moving out, a place which values its culture and heritage.  A visit to every UNESCO-World Heritage Site has been a dream and a continuing part of my itineraries in every country.


For The Price


Quebec, the French Canadian home base, is a varied and fun province with a lot going for it.  Unfortunately, many don't consider moving here when they're getting ready to pick a new place because of the language barrier.  Although most people in Canada can understand and carry a conversation in French, only 23% of Canadians speak it as their first language.  Being non-native to the language and fearing the learning curve has dropped the property values in Quebec incredibly low.  You can buy a home for less than $250,000- which is far less than the national average in Canada or the United States!



For The Weather

Canada may have harsh winters in most areas, but some aren’t so bad!  Because of the heat from the ocean and how far south it is, Victoria, British Columbia, is the top place to move for the weather in Canada.  An occasional snowfall may drift in, but with ocean views like these, who could complain?


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