It was a random decision to depart for Sorsogon.  Acknowledging the fact that bus ticket is elusive and flights are expensive, we have to aim for the former.  My travel buddies Eli and James went straight to Cubao Bus Terminal for the probability of obtaining the tickets even as chance passengers no matter how it cost while I struggle to commute from the office towards the terminal.

In a fortunate turn of events, we were able to secure seats to Legazpi City in an unknown bus line.  I made it on time for the departure.  And so the adventure to explore Sorsogon commenced. 

We were caught in traffic at the main thoroughfare of Metro Manila – EDSA.  Travel time was approximately 13 hours in our case.  We arrived at Legazpi City around 9 in the morning and went directly to my favorite fast food chain for the first meal of the day.  We freshened up and prepared ourselves for another land trip to Sorsogon via a passenger van.

Tricycle is the principal mode of transportation within the town center with a fare of 20 pesos each.  Since we were already in town and knowing that Daraga Church provides a panoramic landscape with the famed Mount Mayon as backdrop, we requested our driver to take us there for a few minutes. 

Atop the Sta. Maria Hill in Brgy. San Roque, the baroque architecture of the Daraga Church came into view.  Unfortunately, the overcast skies towards the volcano’s direction hindered our desire to view Mount Mayon from that vantage.

The façade is made out of volcanic rocks, which are rich in the area.  It is said that the white color is a result of a coating of lime for protection from deterioration.  The National Museum of the Philippines listed the church’s eastern and western façade, belfry and baptistry as a National Culture Treasure in 2007.

After that mandatory photo shoot, finally we were seated at a van half-filled by passengers that will take us to our target destination- Sorsogon City.  Travel time was three hours (PhP60.00).

There was a heavy downpour as we alight from the van.  We checked-in and settled our things at Fernando’s Hotel and finally decided to go to the beach.

We chartered a tricycle (PhP500.00) to explore the waterscape of the province.  We had no time to do “commuting 101” in Sorsogon City.  Order of business is the Paguriran Island.  It was quite a distance that I had a short nap during the trip.  At times, roads were rough and vast rice fields expected of a rural landscape came into sight.  The bumpy ride took almost two hours.

Paguriran Island is secluded and cannot be geographically defined to be an island (at least for me).  We entered a narrow unpaved path leading to a parking space.  Vehicles were in a number and nipa huts that surround were occupied by a mix of local residents and visitors belting to varied tunes during their favorite pastime – videoke. There were peddlers as well of street foods ranging from fishball, kikiam and the likes. Since we haven’t taken a decent meal, placing orders for dozens of street foods was inevitable.

It was a declared national holiday and so families and friends gather as expected.  Drinking spree sprout from anywhere and I see Red horse beer bottles pile up from different vantage.  It was good sight of merry-making.  The clouds has just cleared up when we arrived after the heavy downpour until midday.  A few drizzles welcomed us as we reached the shores and decided to walk towards the islet - knee-deep.

It was unexpected that the view of the renowned Mayon Volcano was left unobstructed.  I was amazed of the landscape even from a distance.  Local residents are indeed fortunate for this opportunity – they live by the works of nature.

Reaching the islet, we have to climb the granite rock walls that fenced a lagoon of aquamarine waters.  The sight from the top was awesome.  From our vantage, I could remember sitting at the most photographed spot of the Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan.  The Mayon Volcano was covered by the trees nestled at the rock formations.

We were debating on whether the color of the waters will still change if we were there on a sunny day.  But whatever it is, the same is already picturesque, what more under a good weather condition.

While my travel buddies were still in the islet, climbing rocks and trying to discover more, I went ahead on a different direction towards the beach and I felt the fine sands of the beach as I walk along – no crushed corals and rocks.  This side is the opposite of the rocky waterbed towards the islet.

After a few minutes, we strolled around the beaches of the municipality of Bacon and feasted on no less than – street foods. 

Another two-hour tricycle ride then ensued to the city center just before twilight.  Swiftly the day passed and a bottle of beer over sets of karaoke songs concluded our first day in Sorsogon.

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  1. the lagoon at ang view ni Mayon! Wow!

  2. I heard a lot of good things about Sorsogon and I could not wait to explore this place! Thanks for this post, at least I now have an idea of what to do.


  3. Lovely paradise! The lagoon, beach, and rock formations are amazing!