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The province of Sorsogon boasts of a number of eco-tourism destinations.  For time constraints, it would definitely be impractical and improbable for us to be able to roam around the province and experience all sorts of adventure offered firsthand.

Our last day in Sorsogon on another long weekend of no work was the most relaxing one.  Having comfortably slept at Fernando’s Hotel sans the hangover despite the late night drinking and karaoke spree, a museum and the provincial capitol grounds will be the subject of exploration for the day.

Local museums are usually closed during Sundays.  But our gracious host, Cecilia Duran, being the former Chair of Sorsogon Provincial Tourism and Vice-chair of the National Tourism Council, facilitated our curiosity to visit the museum.  On a Sunday morning, we were seated at the hotel’s dining area, relaxed and devoid of plans of where to go not until we were ushered to the Sorsogon Provincial Museum and Heritage Center.

A walking distance from our hotel is a well-landscaped park of varied statues with the prominent Jose Rizal statue fronting the seat of the provincial government.  Near midday, the scorching heat made its presence felt as we wander around the vicinity but with trees as our shade and the cool breeze hovering, the ease of loitering was attained.

The ever-smiling and hospitable people of Sorsogon was a constant sight of the park.  This newest city in the country surely has its humble beginnings as a quaint fishing village at the mouth of Sorsogon Bay.  The laidback atmosphere of a typical rural setting made my short stint at Sorsogon City truly rejuvenating.

Beside the Provincial Capitol is our main business for the day – the Sorsogon Provincial Museum and Heritage Center.  The façade is simple and unassuming, architecturally designed as an old mansion.  It is actually the old Provincial Hospital.

A number of showcased artifacts and relics were donated by its residents.  Apart from the exhibit on the famed whale sharks of the province, there are utensils, potteries, dresses and the likes used for everyday living by the affluent families of Sorsogon in the past.  The museum is a fusion of modern living and cultural heritage.

Getting acquainted with the museum of the province equates to knowing their rich history and culture.  After taking photos of just any important artifact on display, we decided to go back to the hotel to pack our things.

We were scheduled to depart for Manila at around 2 in the afternoon.  Across the bus terminal is our rendezvous, La Fhang Restaurant, offering a gastronomic treat of a large woven tray (bilao) of combined seafood and meat cuisine (PhP600.00), as our lunch.  The vibe is relaxing and enjoyable.  We frequent the restaurant on nights and became our own concert hall with a stage set-up for karaoke.  

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  1. When I hear about Sorsogon, I alwats think about Matnog. The famous port from Bicol to Samar.

    With your post, it seems that there are more to discover in Sorsogon. Thanks for sharing!