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Refreshing scents of pines makes one to be rejuvenated by nature.

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to wake up one morning with the sliding door to the balcony half-opened as the drop of the curtains sway with the gentle breeze of the wind amidst a landscape of towering and scenic pine trees and mountains?

I did so.  It was an imagination so I thought that came into reality as we stayed for three days at one of the luxurious hotels of Camp John Hay, Baguio City – the Le Monet Hotel.

The changing lights of glass chandeliers greeted us as we went directly to the reception area for check-in.  It felt like a grand welcome.

Alone and lonely are antonyms in my so-called vocabulary.  And I was alone in my room during the first night as my roommates were still en route from Manila, though I had the company of great travel buddies commencing an unforgettable affair in one December at Baguio City.

We stayed in a Deluxe Twin room. (check room rates and other room types) The room is so spacious with a balcony that gives a relaxing ambiance provided by the aligned pine trees and mountains of Baguio City.

The buffet meals were a constant rendezvous for our group on the duration of our stay not to mention the karaoke and mandatory drinking sprees attached.  Everyday was a feast.  

The hotel has all the modern facilities and amenities that every sojourner and tourist desires.  Surprisingly, with the cold weather especially in the uplands of Camp John Hay, there is a heated indoor swimming pool.  How about a plunge with the scenic pine trees that surround as backdrop?

Camp John Hay is a destination in itself at Baguio City.  Having stayed at Le Monet Hotel is a perfect advantage to define what it means to visit Baguio City.  Just beside the hotel is the Filling Station, a strip of popular restaurants that serves varied Asian cuisine.  For those who love to shop and buy souvenirs, a walking distance as well is the Mile Hi Center, selling branded items at discounted prices.  And for the adventure seekers, like our group, there is the Paintball Republic.  This fun and colorful combat game is gaining popularity in Baguio City, which we failed to experience on account of time constraints and the love to just sit back and relax at the hotel.  But there’s always a next time.

The Lobby, dining area of Le Monet Hotel, has been our daily meeting place.  It offers traditional and modern cuisine with a charming ambiance.  Replica works of the famed French painter, Claude Oscar Monet, are likewise on display with a grasp of Baguio City’s outdoors and scenery made possible through the glass walls that abounds.
Photo by:  Kirk Acebron

I am not a morning person and I can count the number of times I had breakfast in a year.  But breakfast at Le Monet Hotel is a willing exception.  From classic Filipino to Western breakfast staples, they served it gastronomically appealing not to mention ambrosial.  One of Le Monet’s specialties is their version of Eggs Benedict.  And it did not disappoint.

Before we leave, we dropped by the bakeshop of Le Monet Hotel and sampled on a few pastries and bread. 

Personalized service and hospitality beyond compare is what Le Monet Hotel offers.  For the duration of the stay, the staff became inevitably a family to us. 

Luxury and comfort goes hand in hand at Le Monet Hotel.  Truly, it was a pleasant treat of a stay at Baguio City.

Phone: 519-4903
Fax: 519-4903
Manila Sales Office:  (+632) 376-5059

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