The master of the kitchen does not go by the biological name of Nona.  She is Bernardita Mercado, whose grandchild seemed to pronounce lola incorrectly as nona, thus, the name of the restaurant.  Together with her daughter, Lejah Gallardo, an open-aired dining establishment with eclectic interiors was born in Pampanga through their combined culinary expertise and entrepreneurial skills.

I know for a fact that to be served of Kapampangan cuisine is always a feast.  When a plate landed on our table as our first meal for the day (in my case), I am certain stomach will be full in a few minutes.  And it did not disappoint.

The meal was composed of spaghetti that resembles pad thai of Thailand, fresh spring rolls similar to that of Vietnam plus the condiments and a salad with salmon as an ingredient.  And so, “what are the titles of these dishes?”  We eagerly asked.  And there was none, as a matter of fact these dishes were not in the menu displayed on the board, specially served for that day.  Surprisingly, no dishes are repeated for a day’s operation.  They continuously innovate and experiment.  Quite interesting I must say.

But what’s even more interesting of the restaurant is its eclectic vintage interior design.  The façade may look like entering a usual home grown restaurant in the province set up in a garden.  But wait until the interiors are unveiled.  The charm and ambiance is even more enhanced by the display of antiquated appliances, bottles and even capiz-shell windows.  The vintage look really does wonders.

The charcoal irons come in number and complements well with the other unused appliances.  And there were statues of saints as well that surround the main dining area inside. 

We chose to be seated outside and it was refreshing to breathe fresh air, as we sip the fresh lemon juice served while being surrounded by the old collectible items and unique interiors.

Situated at A. Castro Blvd., Greenville Subdivision, 2000 San Fernando, Pampanga, it is truly apt to be called Nonas Kitchen - literally a grandmother’s kitchen. 

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