A Puerto Princesa City trip has been elusive to me for the past years.  It never crossed my mind that I will be packing my bags in an instant and be boarded on a plane without any defined plans and itinerary.  The culprits were good friends Carla and Christian who made the random invitation, and I was the very much willing victim.
When I am confident the statement “I am lost” will never be used, the lazy and dependent me prevails.  Since Carla has visited the city before, I decided to surprise myself and quit the research for the usual “what-to-do, where-to-eat, where-to-stay and whatever”.

The maximum was three (3) hours to roam around the city for this day.  With that, we need a patient and kind tricycle driver for this shenanigan of ours.  Fortunately, we found Kuya Jayson (contact number: 09183661103) and chartered his tricycle for this day tour (actually only for 3 hours) at a fixed rate of PhP300.00.


Our first stop is a view deck on top of a hill, overlooking the Honda Bay and vast grassland surrounds where lovers and friends lie and enjoy the scenery.  The place will surely pass as a lover's lane.

As soon as we stepped on the entrance of the view deck, which appears like a rest house, a man greeted us to collect minimal entrance fees.  He explained that the same will be used for maintenance.  And so we heeded and left our respective foot wears on the doorstep.

This is the Mitra Ranch, as locals call it, and as the name implies, the ranch is owned by the family of the late House Speaker Ramon “Monching” V. Mitra, Jr.

The wooden chairs, set of furniture and antique wares on display goes well with the rural landscape, a perfect retreat house to chill and drink beer.

When a group of tourists came, we then decided to move on to our next destination.


“This is a happy place”, exclaimed by Carla.  Judging by the name, I thought the next destination was a bakeshop situated on top of a hill.  A literal interpretation it is. 

Armed with no expectations, I was amazed by the well-manicured set of gardens and life-sized statues of on-screen characters displayed.  As we move forward, interesting trees and vines make up this wide theme park with aviaries ready to be discovered as well.

It appears like the Disneyland of Palawan for me.  Truly, a place for a family gathering and children would definitely enjoy the park as their vast playground.

A venue for an educational trip for students is also an alternative for the Baker’s Hill.  On-going constructions are further being done near the aviaries, and what is commendable is the fact that there is no entrance fee.  With a well-planned and meticulous landscape, we could expect an entrance fee to be imposed, at least for maintenance, but there is none.  Not that I am being suggestive, but this simply means that not all landmark destinations with a thousand of visitors per day, are exploited for business sake.

Restaurants and souvenir shops are also available.  Baker’s Hill is known for their signature pizza, pasta and hopia.  Though we did not dine on any of the said restaurants that dot the hill, I bought some in the downtown area as a gift for friends back home and one box of hopia for myself.  If given the chance, I would visit any restaurant the next time around and try their specialty dishes.


Loom weaving is one of the traditional craft industries in the country that requires superior skill. Mostly young women are the loom weavers in Puerto Princesa, in a place named Binuatan.

Binuatan Creations is our last stop for this tour.  Since it was getting dark, only a few were in the vicinity and some loom weavers may have taken their day off.

Adjacent to the loom weaving section is a souvenir shop where export-quality fabrics and by-products are displayed and sold to the public at a very reasonable price.

Though we were only able to visit three of the many known landmarks of Puerto Princesa City, it was a good introduction of the city for me. Besides, where can you find a tricycle ride full of fun and discovery?

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  1. Puerto Princesa City is a beautiful and stunning city to see in Philippines. It is a tropical paradise with a bustling urban center perfect for business with leisure trips. I visited this city after my thousand islands tour. It spread on 253,982 hectares that making it the largest city of the country. Summer is a best time period of the year to visit this paradise. During these months seas are mostly calm.