The dining table has been prepared.  The waiting staff courteously greeted us as we step on the door and lead us to where a feast of Filipino cuisine shall take place.

It was one rare circumstance when my siblings (the Manila-based), were complete to celebrate one of my brothers natal day.  Mesa Restaurant at Tomas Morato, Quezon City, became our rendezvous after the tireless work week we all had.

Going through the dishes was a breeze.  A no-brainer for a group of four since we do all love sea foods and even when we go home to our hometown, Tacloban City, default request for a dish is anything sea food for all of us.

What we had for dinner?

Prawns, grilled-everything-set and scallops were served, with recommendations from the serving staff.  And I was particularly curious of the dish named drunken ostrich.  Thus, an order was placed. 

Baked scallops with garlic butter

Inihaw sampler

Grilled prawns with lemon butter

Drunken ostrich became my favorite dish - the meat was tender and tastes like pork adobo.

Drunken Ostrich - rice wine marinated ostrich tenderloin with mushroom
Mesa Restaurant specializes in Filipino cuisine.  Being a comfort food, the least expectation is being set.  But the restaurant has exceeded the mark.  Food presentation is gastronomically appealing making it an introduction to how it would taste.


Every restaurant is judged by its interior design.  With ceilings and chandeliers bamboo-inspired, a fusion of urban and rural setting is harmoniously arranged elegantly.  And this is what we have seen at Mesa Restaurant of Tomas Morato.

Though, the space appears cramped, the couches of high head rest at the center of the dining area, relatively provides privacy to the next dining tables.

Over-All Dining Experience

I was informed that the restaurant has a growing number of branches in the metro.  Truly, I would pay a visit to other branches as well, knowing the quality of service and the sumptuous set of dish offered to the public.

And this is another meeting where no food was wasted, reasonably priced and truly one venue for a typical family gathering in one Mesa.

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