What’s there to do in Dagupan City?  This is a frequently asked question directed to any vagabond, where the usual reply is to eat bangus (milkfish).

But there is more than a feast of bangus while in Dagupan City.  One thing is certain though and that is, a food trip is inevitable.

My recent stay at Dagupan City was pure relaxation without having to follow any scheduled itineraries – a cafe, pigar-pigar restaurant and a fishpond were the familiar rendezvous.


I don’t drink coffee and seldom do I drink tea, only if the circumstances demand.  My travel regimen does not include loitering in coffee shops.  But why am I in a cafe? This is one of the exceptions.

 a staircase leading to the cafe
The heat was unbearable for us to stroll around the city of Dagupan and nearby municipalities of the province of Pangasinan, and so, one refuge, is an air-conditioned tea house or coffee shop. 

The Yellow Tree Café is a homegrown coffee shop of Dagupan.  As more coffee shops begin to thrive in the city, of multinational corporations in the likes of Starbucks, the Yellow Tree Café remains to be patronized by the people of Dagupan and its visitors.

the interiors and the customers
In fact, the coffee shop was full of customers and students converting the same as a library as soon as we entered the shop.  Though there is a veranda serving as smoking area and seats were available, we opted for a request to set-up a table inside, as it would defeat our initial purpose of being in a coffee shop (a breathe of air-condition).

veranda and the mural

At par with other known brands of coffee and frappuccino (frozen coffee), the peanut butter frappe of the Yellow Tree Café is a must try. And it was honestly the first time I’ve heard a peanut butter can blend with coffee. 

More than the accommodating staff, cozy interiors, pastries and the coffee, what's there not to love Yellow Tree Cafe? It is indeed an ideal place to chill out while in Dagupan City.  


I have never heard of pigar-pigar.  The name sounds like a vegetable for me and so I became uninterested.  But the first time I tasted pigar-pigar at Ate Vi’s Bistro, served the Alaminos-style, it passed my taste buds with flying colors.

Nighttime came and so a drinking spree being in order, our friends who hail in Dagupan, Josh, Mary Ann and Mica, lead us to one of the best restaurants in Dagupan that specializes in pigar-pigar.

Pigar-pigar is Dagupan’s version of beef stir-fry.  The deep-fried thinly sliced carabeef seasoned with salt and pepper can become a no-brainer favorite dish, as it complements well with beer and rice (either of course unless one insists).     

Dagupan's pigar-pigar
The house specialty of Great Taste Pigar-Pigar Restaurant as the name of the restaurant suggests, indeed exceeded my expectations and being one of the best tasting pigar-pigar in town, I would surely be back for more servings once in Dagupan.

Location:  Gomez Street, Dagupan City, 2400
Contact Numbers:  (075)6586880
Owner:  Rommel R. Cerezo
Email:  cerezorom@gmail.com


When boredom and exhaustion strikes, there’s only one activity to rejuvenate our weary souls – beer drinking.  The self-confessed ‘clean-living’ individuals may protest but this is the kind of lifestyle most define as fun.  The search for a place to drink in Dagupan City is not hard.  Anywhere would be fine actually.

But with a fishpond and cottages on stilts, this is the best way to spend an immersion in Dagupan City (I so declare).

There are a lot of restaurants and bars on nearby fishponds of the city, but we opted for the more scenic and less commercialized façade – ATC Ihawan.

Before the sun sets over the horizon, ATC Ihawan has turned into one party place - feast on sea foods, beer drinking and a live performance of varied types of music and of all genres in the form of a karaoke.

adobong talaba
That was the finale of our Dagupan trip and I truly enjoyed it!  

sunset at the fishpond

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  1. Great blog. Kulang nga lang lagi ng info ng location. Oh wait it's in "Dagupan".. Lol

  2. try gibbs inihaw at kainan.