"Umahon na kayo sa tubig! Tama na yan!"  (Get out of the water! That's enough!)  A woman of early 50's shouts at the children playing in the waters, they being unmindful of the time and mid-day sun exposure as we alight from the tricycle. We observed the surroundings for awhile as time stood still in this portion of the Patar white sand beach. The woman is the caretaker of the resort, which will be our temporary abode for a night.  She confessed with pride that the children's playground are the waters of Patar white sand beach and being tired is out of their vocabulary.

And with this once in a lifetime gathering of great travel blogger friends in the last weekend of May 2014, this year's summer experience in Patar beach, Bolinao is worthy to be immortalized.  Like the children playing on the shores and waters of the long stretch of the beach, we had our share of discovering the beach not as bloggers but as friends about to create memories on the said vicinity.

As a corporate slave, I am always pressed for time on weekend getaways and this trip though planned ahead is no exception.  As soon as I changed my corporate attire and packed my things instantly, I found myself at the Five Star bus terminal at Pasay City en route to Bolinao, Pangasinan with Darwin of TrackingTreasure. It was past midnight when we left Manila.

The 6-hour travel direct to Bolinao, Pangasinan was bearable especially when you lack sleep and tired of the week's corporate duties.  There are no fixed schedules for air-conditioned bus, thus, patience is inevitable for a more comfortable long journey.  As soon as we disembarked from the bus, barkers and tricycle drivers welcome the sojourners not with a "Welcome to Bolinao" greetings but with offers of "Patar beach po kayo? 200 pesos lang po." 

We bought our supplies and food to be grilled at Bolinao Public Market, a walking distance from the bus terminal. Our accommodations were already negotiated and arranged by Christian of Lakad Pilipinas and Carla of Blissfulguro so everything was in order.  This is my first to join them for an out of town trip, though, they have been my constant companions in the metro.

After an hour of dusty, bumpy and at times steady tricycle ride to the farthermost part of the long stretch of Bolinao Pangasinan, we arrived at the Patar white sand beach.  The cold breeze embraced us for a welcome treat.  

To complete the cast of the Patar getaway, Kirk of KirkAnatomy and Marx of Marxtermind followed.  I am useless when it comes to food preparation, thus, with companions experts on grilling and cooking, I had the chance to roam around the vicinity, take a dip on the cold waters albeit striking scorching heat of the sun and meditate (?).

Mobile phone signal is nearly nil, thus, no work interruptions and social network accounts to attend to for the weekend.  Despite less communications on his whereabouts and uncertain of whether he will join us, the last to arrive is Dennis of Love Mindanao.

Bolinao, being a coastal municipality, fresh fish and other sea foods are readily available as fisher folks drop by the cottages of sojourners aligned to offer their catch for the day at a minimal fee.  Thus, should the group underestimate food and even beer consumption, there are stores situated within the vicinity to augment the insufficiency.

Unlike other beach destinations where outdoor activities are presented as options, beach bumming, swimming, snorkeling, beer drinking and sharing stories make up an unforgettable experience in Patar.

Where we stayed?

A relatively new beach resort as imparted by our tricycle driver was our temporary abode for the weekend, which name of resort I forgot.  We stayed at one of the main cottages/nipa hut that can accommodate for a maximum of 30 persons.  However, we were only seven in the group, thus, the discounted rates.

Rate is definitely reasonable with caretakers ready to attend to all our needs without imposing charges and unnecessary fees.  The beachfront and shade of trees that surround the nipa hut even more provided comfort for this transient stay.

Contact Person:  Ms. Rosewin at 09282815199.

As the day comes to an end, capturing the sunset through our respective camera lenses is of prime importance.  Drinking session has to temporarily stop to give way to this ritual, which we all share the same passion.  

Years before, I had the chance to visit Bolinao in a known resort with friends from law school and we did nothing but drink and watch the sun sets at the horizon.  The fleeting glimpse of the sunset indeed relaxes our stress-filled lives back then.  After that trip, every time one asks where to view the most romantic and dramatic sunset? I'd always say it's in Bolinao, Pangasinan albeit uncertain of the elements of a romantic and dramatic sunset.

With this recent trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan, the sunset and the company never failed me as expected.

Photo by Marx
The never-ending sharing of stories over accounted bottles of beer made the Patar experience even more memorable.  Sharing the same sentiments, passion and experience with fellow travel bloggers (award-winning at that) is already a privilege for me, what more if they have become your friends and future travel buddies.

There are beach destinations in the Philippines known not for world-class amenities, stunning shorelines, colorful underwater world and night parties --- Patar beach is surely one of them.  We create memories out of the state of being devoid of what an ideal beach is for some.  Indeed, there is no such thing as an ideal or best beach destination, it is the company that matters most.  My travel perspective have changed after this trip and I am forever grateful I have met the right people in the road. (life-changing?)

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  1. Nice one atty. Beer pa, este beach pa!

  2. Naaks! Life-changing? Kung andun siguro si kwan, life-changing nga yan haha

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  4. Sayang hindi ako nakapunta nito... nagkasugat kasi at may dapat asikasuhin :P Next time mapadpad ka ng Pangasinan na lang haha

  5. Tara beach at inuman na ulit! :)