There's always this preconceived notion that cruising along a bay with the dramatic fading of the sun complemented by acoustic serenade is only for couples expressing their love for each other in a luxurious way.

But this notion has changed for me when I discovered that our Southeast Asian neighbor countries have provided a dinner cruise along their respective bays as part of every traveler's itinerary, and the Chao Phraya river cruise in Bangkok, Thailand, Mekong river cruise in Cambodia and Vietnam, Hongkong cruise along the Victoria Harbor are among the known dinner cruises.  With Philippines, specifically at the Manila Bay, being known as one of the spots of the most beautiful sunset of the world, it is of our advantage that a dinner cruise be provided for tourism purposes.

It was the 33rd wedding anniversary of our parents and for a special occasion, we decided to try the Manila Bay cruise.  We arrived quite early for the intended 6:15PM cruise to anticipate full bookings for the weekend as we had no earlier reservations made.  And indeed, we were fortunate to have been accommodated for the last seats taken in intended time of the cruise.

The Manila Bay Cruise is cruising daily at the following schedules:  4:15PM to 5:45PM; 6:15PM to 7:45PM and 8:15PM to 9:45PM.

As the cruise was about to embark, silhouettes of the Metro Manila skyline and the ships docked along the Manila Bay produced live postcard scenes.  It is not everyday that we get to experience sailing through the Manila Bay and be at awe with the dramatic sunset as its backdrop, thus, this cruise is surely one to try for.

And as soon as the cruise began, the buffet table has been set for a cruise dining experience complemented by acoustic sounds rendered by a resident acoustic guitarist and soloist.  With someone used to watching romantic films, the scene becomes so familiar and imaginations can wander as far as imagining your celebrity crush seated beside you.  But wait and you'll be awakened by the fact that this no luxury cruise tour as one imagined it to be.

To set each one's expectations straight, buffet is not that grand but good enough to satisfy one's fantasy of cruising along a bay on a candle light dinner over the moonlight for a night cruise.

For hopeless romantics and advocates of Metro Manila's tourism, sunset cruise at the Manila Bay, cliche as it may sound, should be part when discovering Manila.

If you want to contemplate on the kind of life you have been up to, cruising the Manila Bay could be an option as it will never discriminate if you are with a group of friends, family or your lover.  Just don't jump off the Manila Bay and experience will be refreshing.

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