Stone churches have always drawn attention to couples when deciding where to tie the knot and leave the single status unto the graves.  One gets melodramatic when presented with an architectural design that dates back to centuries ago, especially with a structure made of stone.  I for one has been at awe as I enter the San Agustin Church of Intramuros, Manila on one Sunday afternoon - the oldest stone church in the Philippines.

The grand interiors of the church complements the dramatic wedding vows. Should my bride-to-be decide to appear two years from now, the San Agustin might be a choice for the wedding celebration.  But as for now, I would just be contented of witnessing couples getting married in this UNESCO World Heritage site apt to be tagged as the wedding capital of the Philippines.

As I wander within the church, I noticed grave markers making up the floorings.  For a person like me not fully acquainted of Manila's history, I begin to wonder if the church was built on a previous cemetery or were the dead buried inside the church?

With the unique architectural design of the church and even armed with the wildest imagination that an underground cemetery was built, it is no question that this church which stood in the cobblestone streets of Intramuros is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  1. The wedding crew at this place rocks! We had many of our guests come up to us during the reception and comment as how attentive the service staff was as well.