What would you do if a naked man welcomes you to his humble abode?  

The University of the Philippines greets every visitor of the campus with arms wide open as the iconic symbol of the Oblation makes a good subject for photography enthusiasts at varied vantage points.  To unwelcome a possible heat stroke especially that weather in the Metro has shamelessly been rising in degrees celsius, we opted to visit our alma mater, in time for the golden hour.  Improperly dressed for a jog or any sports activity, leisurely walking around the campus was never an option on one Sunday rendezvous.

As a slave of the sun, the sunflower blooms at its highest glory at the University of the Philippines-Diliman grounds during summer in the Philippines.  The unforgiving heat of the sun definitely produces life to a flower. While we curse the sun for the buckets of sweat that we involuntarily produce, here comes a flower forever grateful for the warmth that is given.       

Sundays in UP has been an opportunity for families and friends to stroll and be physically fit.  We were actually led to UP by accident since traffic jam has piled up en route to our desired destination in Manila, thus, we alight at the AS grounds of the campus. Since the day was about to end, other sunflowers started to wilt, silently declaring to call it a day.

More than the selfie shots with the Oblation, the rich history on its creation is indeed a treat to the knowledge seekers.  

And as the day ends and the sky turn fiery red, we started to walk towards the Sunken Garden.  And we were greeted by interesting postcard worthy scenes with members of the flora kingdom flaunting their existence.

Raised on a provincial setting, I am always reminded of home every time I set foot in UP.  And what even brings my childhood memories back are the dirty ice cream vendors in the vicinity.

Night time came and so we decided to have our dinner at one of the restaurants in The Bahay ng Alumni. As we walk down the streets of the campus, we passed by my favorite hang out place before, the isawan, in front of the College of Law and proceed to the UP chapel to say a little prayer.

Indeed, this is another Sunday trip worthy of experience.

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  1. The first photo with the flaming sun in one hand is so astig although I must admit I dunno how will I respond to your opening line. Basta ba di nya ko hahabulin eh, carry lang lol.

    I love UP grounds also where you can jog/bike/walk around towards their famed isaw and fishballs :)

    1. hahahaha! isaw and fishballs are staple foods in the university. featured here are the most accessible during sundays but there are a lot more to discover in UP. hehe thanks oman for dropping by!