Every old traditional house has its own stories to tell and that, for the most part of our lives, the dining table is the mandatory place of assemble for the family members. Sharing stories of all sort with each member and for some, the deafening silence of dining over a long or round table is a part of Filipino tradition.  

The ancestral home of one of the prominent families of the country, has opened their dining table to all the Filipinos.  With the theme: classic-meets-contemporary,  Casa Roces was built into a stylish restaurant, inspired by the family ancestors' of freedom fighters, pioneer journalists and artists.

The elegance of dining is what Casa Roces wants to impart, with complete table etiquette and expensive wares in display.  Further, various art installations, paintings and family photos are likewise available for viewing, which proves how the legacy of the home owners have been passed on from one generation to another.

The ancestral home of the Roces clan has been a witness to the Spanish, American and Japanese era.  With its proximity from the Malacanang Palace, the seat of government in the Philippines, it can be said that dining experience on the said house will lead you to a fusion of cultural and political ambiance.  It is not every day that we get to dine on a restaurant embedded of stories, politically and culturally significant, thus, a deviation from the fast food chains and restaurants that surround the Manila area.

Note however, that despite the elegant facade of the restaurant, one will never expect a banquet service, a simple service with unassuming and cheerful waiting staff will greet every diner, treated as a visitor of the home.  Service is indeed excellent. The price?  VERY reasonable.  I say this with emphasis as once you get to try their cuisine, it is indeed well-prepared that you experience the vibes of having attended an important family occasion.

The line-up of mouth-watering menu ranges from appetizers, soups and salads, to entrees, pasta and even breakfast and merienda fare.  It is however, more advisable to try Filipino cuisine you are familiar with especially served during town fiestas, when dining at Casa Roces, being a form of self-imposed cultural immersion (in my case).

The restaurant pays homage to a distinguished gentleman whose record in public service bestowed him the highest honor the country can give to a civilian - Joaquin "Chino"  Roces.

Casa Roces is open daily from 7AM to 11PM and is situated at 1153 JP Laurel corner Aguado Street, San Miguel, Manila.

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